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The whistles go woo prank!

Introducing the Trick Exhaust Whistle Prank

The thing is, why would anyone want a whistle tip? We’re actually assuming more often than not that people would prefer to have their cars NOT make that noise, which is why this is the perfect prank to pull on unsuspecting victims. It’s definitely a better alternative than shoving a potato up someones exhaust to try and disable their car, because this one is a cause of embarrassment! Do you have that guy in the neighborhood with that manly muscle car? How about that rabble rabble of a motorcycle of that you prefer not to listen to? You can add a whistle tip to these vehicles, and more that you can think of! It adds some excitement as well as humor to the always annoying and sometimes deafening noise that exhaust pipes can make. Go get revenge on your neighbor. Silently add these to your victim’s tailpipe under the cover of darkness, or in midday if you are brave enough. Sit back and enjoy, or record the results for even better laughs for days on end. If you end up posting it to YouTube, we’ll add your video here!

Here’s a funny YouTube clip of a phenomenon that started with this video, which was a news report of the recent rise of these accessories that started in Oakland:

Which was then remixed to multiple other videos & songs, as the video went viral such as this one:

Adding in the added harassment and embarrassment, this is one cool prank to pull on your neighbors, the elderly, or the “cool” kid down that block. Go out and get one today. Let us know your thoughts and enjoy the fun with this revenge prank 🙂

You can grab yours from amazon here:

car muffler exhaust prank

You Park Like An Asshole – Revenge On Parking Lot Douchebags

I’m sure we’ve all seen those people who take up 2 or more spaces with their “special car”. Have you ever wondered what you can do to get back at them? We’ve pulled together a few simple yet effective revenge pranks to pull below, so you can get your sweet vindicated justice on those annoying assholes.

For a passive aggressive way to get revenge:

there are these You Suck At Parking Business Cards
you can put on their windsheild:

Mickey Mouse Douche Parking Revenge

You Park Like An Asshole

Thanks for parking so close asshole

Seriously, you suck at parking business cards

If you want to give them a little scare, sometimes giving them one of these Fake Parking Tickets
helps too:

Or hell, add bird feed on top of their car with some sort of laxative. Watch as the birds explode to make an amazing art piece like on top of this car:

Bird shit on a car revenge prank

Short of slashing their tires, putting cans and bottles with nails in them, clogging their tailpipe with a potato – these are relatively harmless pranks that work effectively well in getting your revenge. You will feel relieved after the petty payback, but trust me – it will be worth it. What we fail to understand is how people are driving a huge ton of metal filled with an explosive gasoline, and drive like maniacs? Not to mention park like douchebags on top of it! So, with that in mind and the aforementioned techniques, make sure that you let them know that their park job is unacceptable in our society.

Lastly, you can watch what this guy did. We think it’s hilarious and what he gets for parking in a handicap spot.

Don’t forget to send us your pranks on what to do to a douchebag owner’s vehicle, and their nasty parking habits.

Revenge Product Prank Review – Pee Puck Revenge

Not sure if you guys know what the double-decker poop payback prank is by now, but it’s were you take a dump in the upper portion of the toilet – you know the part where it helps the water release from. Well, this is a variation on that technique, but instead by making the water turn yellow for days at a time. Best part about it? You don’t even have to do the peeing yourself. You plop open the top, do a quick drop, and then forget about it – while it works it’s magic for days at a time on your unsuspecting victims. Read on for more information about this amazing revenge product review!

Introducing The Pee Puck – A Fake Pee Gag Gift. When you pick them up, they come in packs of two like seen below. Put one in at a time in 2 different toilets, use them both at once to create a darker coffee drank yellow, or use them one after another for an elongated pee toilet revenge.

This product also reminds me of another one when I was a little kid. We reached out to the creators, and they mentioned that it was their initial inspiration. My parents would put these small blue and white pucks at the top of the toilet, where it turned the water in it a dark shade of blue for days. Supposedly, this was to help “clean” the toilet, but little ol’ me and something else in mind. It was hilarious peeing into the bowl and turning water a nice shade of sickly green. Oh, the nostalgia. Anyways, back to the point – the pee puck can be used as a revenge technique because they will be confused as to why their water is always yellow! Think about it. You flush and flush, and it seems that the water still stays yellow. This technique especially works on the elderly, and those not of clear & sane mind. More power to make them more insane, if you ask us! Got a douchebag stoner roommate who never flushes? Now he’ll have the same problem every time.

I hate when my roommates don’t flush, in fact, so does one of our readers who was kind enough to submit this image:



See, he hated that his roommate didn’t flush and needed to do something about it. Well, in truth, he might have been actually using the pee puck! This can have your housemates blaming each other for not using the restroom properly, while you sit back and enjoy the hilarity that ensues. Want to get your brother in trouble? Plop one in his toilet, and let your mom find out about his forgetful ways. Whoops!

Best part? They’re cheap, and you can swoop up some from Amazon right here:

Pee Puck Revenge

Revenge Product Prank Review – Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass Review

We’d like to introduce the Revenge Nation to something deadly good. This right here is the fart spray to destroy all the other fart sprays out there – when we reviewed Liquid Ass our office had to be evacuated for the rest of the day. We did NOT realize that it was this powerful. If you want to learn how to clear out a room, read on and put the product to the test!

Liquid ass is probably the most vile fart sprays ever created. We spoke with the owners & developers, and while they wouldn’t tell us where they make it or how, we believe it must be created in a toxic wasteground with a few septic tanks thrown in for good measure, added in a few rotting carcasses of duck billed platapusses to top it off, then finally a heaping bag full of some 10 year old gym socks that have been festering and growing slimy mold for that many years under the bed of a hoarder. Now with that picture in your mind, this is even MORE foul smelling! Spray a few drops and squirts, and Liquid Ass will clear a room. We’ve even heard stories of people throwing up a little in their mouth from the smell. Yes, it IS that bad. And no, you won’t be disappointed with it.

What is awesome about liquid ass is that there are two different types of spray tips given to you to choose from. You can either opt for the “ass mister” or the “streaming tip” – and both are equally as effective spreading the nasal offending odors and smells of this fantastic revenge product. The Ass Mister is a spray, allowing you to cover more surface area with fine misty droplets of nose tantalizing stank. Or, you can go the Streaming Tip route, and be able to drench a certain area with gut wrenching foulness that lasts for a long time. The choice ultimately is yours, but we prefer the Ass Mister only because the spray is super effective in punching out the meanest power punch. One spray is usually enough, but it’s the perfect tactic to spread along a whole day worth of pungent destruction upon your enemies.

Check out this video:

The action starts at 0:59.

You can pick up your very own here, in several different varieties to suit your needs:

Also, try and add it with this to make realistic set that doesn’t really have to gross you out:

Rain down your vengence upon your exboyfriend, girlfriend or boss. There are single bottles, for that covert operation, or if you prefer – buy the 6 pack to stock up on the disgusting. Used sparingly, a bottle is more than enough if you ask us. This is best placed in closed environments: things like elevators, office rooms, school classrooms, cars, and more. We’re sure you can come up with some awesome pranks as well. We look forward to seeing your tactics!

We would love to hear and see what our Revenge Readers are doing with their liquid ass. Pick some up today from here and let us know what you’re doing with them!

Prank Boxes – Sending not so discreet revenge packages

By popular demand, we’re blogging about some of our prank boxes that you can send to your enemies. These things are great, from hiding your ‘TRUE’ gift, these gag gifts look like they contain things like “Large Family Blankeez” or “A Pet Petter” for the lazy asshole in us all. Your victim will get a surprise when they open these! Surprisingly too, they are affordable to the general population! Priced under $10.00, they are the perfect “gift-wrapping” to make someone’s face drop. Couple this with things like revenge letters for a hilariously good payback prank.

Prank Packs

You know, even if you don’t want to buy one of these ones – there is also the ability to make your own. There can easily be done by just grabbing a blank cardboard box, slap on images of dildos or a fleshlight plastered all over the sides. Anything that most people like to purchase “discreetly”. If you know they have bladder problems, then things like adult diapers works well too. We suggest that you Google around for those images, and just use a printer to make a few copies and words in BOLD type. Add tape to the package, and Voila! You have the perfect homemade revenge package to drop off or send to your nemesis.

Send them that gift filled with something like ladybugs or a revenge letter. It’s super effective at offices with coworkers, nursing homes for the elderly, and especially the dormitories at college campuses with public mail-rooms. Imagine seeing in printed bold type from the side of a Postal Box “WARNING: CONTAINS LARGE BLACK DILDOS”. Yeah, the victim is going to be very much embarrassed. The box can even be empty – your possibilities are endless! You could always be mean, and include a letter or even sending nasty gifts like ladybugs, fake puke, or even poop. Lastly, you could order those male enhancement pills from those late night infomercials. Send it off to their house, dorm, or work. If they are away at college, might as well send it home so their parents will just forward it along with the rest of their shipments.

So those are your options. You can make one yourself, easily with paper, tape and a printer. Ideas for those are adult diapers, dildos, condoms, sex toys, and the really hurtful things to screw over an enemy. Also, read after the jump for all the different types that we offer – which to be completely honest are more funny and harmless then they are revenge-worthy, but get the job done. Lastly, you can fill them up with a nice gift, or you can be villainous and send them things like male enhancement pills, dildos, bugs, puke, or even poop! Yeah, it’s not nice – but it’s for your vengeance so it’s well worth it.

Revengers, what would you do for a prank box in terms of the type of package you would send, and what sort of items would you put in there? We know that it’s great for birthdays, holiday seasons such as Christmas or Hanukkah, and anytime you want to get even. We look forward to your suggestions. Now, without further ado – here are our prank boxes!

The Crib Dribbler

Crib Dribbler Revenge Box

FANtastic Redecoration – Glitter Prank Revenge Idea

shit glitter pills - expensive revenge

Oh, no.. Oh YES!

Glitter, aka the “Herpes of Craft Supplies” is one HELL of a mess to clean up. It finds itself in every little crevice imaginable, and stays there until cleaned up. Problem is, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. Here is a prank that will leave your victim finding Glitter over the next couple of years.


Really, all you need is to find a craft store that sells glitter, access to your victims location, and your nemesis to have a fan. That’s it.
Fantastic Redecoration Prank


The Set Up

Basically all you really need is a fan, and some glitter. Pour a large or small amount on top of the fan. Be careful if the fan has a tilted section, because you don’t want to set off your target and let them know about the prank before it happens. Once everything is set up, turn off the lights, and close the door. Hopefully the mark will be the next one to come in. This is probably why it’s better to do it in their bedroom, during warm afternoons like the summer days we’re currently facing.

Glitter Revenge Prank

This prank works best in hotter climates, and during the hot season. Basically, as long as they walk in there and are able to spread love and joy by turning on the fan, that’s what you’re after. While it may be difficult during the winter, or if you live in a place that rains most of the time, well – don’t know how to assist you there. But, we hope that this prank helped you out a little bit to learn from, and hopefully get even on a bad roommate or coworker 🙂

Other Uses for Glitter

Didn’t put all your glitter up on that Fan, did you? That’s alright, here are a couple more ways to use glitter – Throwing a little Glitter in the pockets your enemies jeans (especially right before they throw them in the washer). Its like a pretty FABULOUS disaster every time they pull something out of their pockets. It takes forever to go away. Heinous, but great revenge prank. We haven’t tried placing it in laundry detergent, but we think that your victim will be able to sniff out your dastardly deed before it is done. Also, you can try and fill some in a balloon, blow it up and set it in their room. If you have a dog that loves to bite balloons, then you’re pretty much set. Just set it up, let the pup in, and you’re golden (retriever).

Don’t Forget

There are more things to put on top of fans as well. You can try flour, water, or even mounds of rice to make it more fun!

Lastly, you can take those little holes of paper from a hole puncher and put them on top of the ceiling fan blades. Just wait for your unknowing victim to turn on that ceiling fan. Instant snow, in the Summer. That should brighten their day up a little bit! 😛 Have fun, be safe, and get your payback!

A Bowl of Worms for Fun Revenge

Thanks to one of our users, we got a great prank product to share with you all today. Growing up in elementary school, we all here at “How To Revenge” used to sing a song that went something like this, “No body likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms. Short fat juicy ones, itty bitty tiny ones..” That’s pretty much all we remember – but the point, is – (no not everybody hates us, we don’t think) – that this little post is to bring back this great song and memories for us, as well as to give you a great prank to pull on a nemesis. With that being said, we bring this little recipe to you!

Introducing, “Jello Worms”!

Pouring the mixture into the straws, and the finished product on the side

These things look creepy crawly, and are actually edible – unlike those old microwave cookers of plastic that we used to have when we were little that burnt our fingers and almost killed us – but that’s another story. It’s great to make the night before Halloween for your parties, and to put in the bowl of candy that you give little kids. Maybe send them in a package to an enemy or throw them in their car for revenge? The choices are Endless! Now, onto the recipe!!



1) Before doing anything else, let’s set up the holding vessel for storing your worm capsules. You can either go the hard route and melt the bottoms of the straws to enclose them, or use simple physics to keep the gelatin inside by filling up the rest with liquid. Next place the straws together in that holding container, and put a few rubber bands around them to hold them into place.

Got that? Okay, on to the next step.

2) Now, to create the edible goodiness (or ewwi-ness as my little cousin likes to say as we made them), mix the Jello mixture with the gelatin, and add the hot boiling water. Mix it well, and let it cool to a lukewarm temperature. For those of you unsure, when you feel the mixing container it should be slightly warm to the touch.

3) Okay, is it lukewarm yet? Good. Add the food coloring into the mix. Give it a little stir. Now, onto the potentially messy part.

4) Pouring the mixture into the holding vessel and straws IS messy, so have someone assist you with the funnel to make it into the holding container. Okay, is all the mix in yet? Good.. on to the longest step & most difficult step!

5) Set them worms, straws, & holding vessel into a nice cool place to set. We suggest using a refrigerator to make that wait less, and out of sight out of mind.


6) Now, to get the worms out – First take the straws out of your container, wiping off any attached Jello on the bottom. You can either A) warm up the straws under warm water, B) use a bike pump, your lips and lungs, or an empty syringe (sans needle, unless you are TRYING to give someone HIV) to blow them out,  C) Use a rolling pin (the kind you use to roll out dough) to squeeze them out, or D) a combination of one of the previous 3 methods. We found that warming them up and blowing through the straws releases them pretty easily, albeit with a light headed feeling after quite a few.


As we tried to tell you earlier, Halloween is a great holiday to have some harmless revenge, but if you really want to get back at an enemy, try mixing them served in vanilla ice cream and crushed up oreo bits. Hey, we have to have a little fun here, right? Lastly, you could always use a clear liquid over that water, such as Vodka for an adult treat!

Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any prank suggestions and thoughts! We look forward to hearing from you.

Horse Head Revenge Prank

Yes, this crazy phenomenon is still going on. Why do you ask? We don’t know.

You can find the horse heads here:

Horse Head Masks On Amazon

And now, some pictures in action – You can check out our gallery on imgur here:

What do you think you can do with these horse heads? Use them to scare the daylights out of your enemies!

For some reason unknown to us, horse head masks have become a phenomenon on the internet. Please don’t hesitate to send us your picture of you using the horse head mask for pranks or getting revenge on someone. These can be put on dogs, on top of fake bodies, or hidden underneath covers and sheets to scare the living daylights out of your nemesis. We still don’t understand the attraction that some people have towards wearing these head masks, when we find that clowns are much more frightening, however we will go with the flow and what our users suggest to us. Please don’t hesitate to use our contact form and give us advice and feedback on how to get revenge with these crazy products. We’ll add it on our facebook group and into our album if yours is crazy enough!

We love a good prank and scare tactic, and could always use your help. Do you live on a farm or in the city? Either way, much like the Godfather movie with the real horse – We at HowTo:Revenge are sure to see some interesting revenge with this product.

How To Revenge – We Are Now Back Up!

Thanks for the long wait as we migrated our servers to speed up and updat our site. You’ll find that we’ll constantly update our blog with new posts constantly over at the revenge articles section. We have also decided to use amazon affiliates to link to you products that might be of interest to you to get revenge on your boss, coworker, exlover, neighbor, sibling, or any other enemy you have – and wont have to deal with any pesky text ads or banner ads which really are a mess. Most of our pranks are kid friendly and for your enjoyment, but keep in mind the legality of your individual government laws that affect you. We will try to provide adequate warning for any post that we deem to be walking the line, but hope that you exercise caution and your judgement in each case. Some of the products we’ll showcase as well as the stories we share could potentially be dangerous and illegal. We hope that by educating you about others’ wrong doings or mishaps, our readers will not make the same mistakes as well.  At the same time, some of you out there might get a twisted satisfaction through that outlet – and if by sharing some of these things with you, we hope that we can end the pain felt around the world.

On the blog you will find many different types of posts – from prank product reviews, our funny stories of revenge, and of course the contact form where you can tell us your story! Heck, we might even post it up on our blog and give you credit (as a stash of good stuff!). Only by sharing your stories, will you be able to achieve true revenge. That’s probably a bold faced lie, but we’d love to hear how you got even or paybacked a wrongdoer in your life. We value your feedback here at HowToRevenge, and constantly strive to be the #1 source for your pranks and revenge tactics. If you have a story to share, a product to review or suggest, or want to say hi, please use the revenge contact form Thanks for your assistance and readership, and we won’t do you wrong (like you might want to do to others :P)

As always, remember “Living well is the best Revenge – but for everything else there is How To Revenge”. Our posts will be for your enjoyment and entertainment purposes only. We do not condone or wish harm on anyone, and neither should you. With that much said, on with the show!