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Poop soap review

The Fake Poop Soap Prank

What pranks can you do with poop soap? Well, I’m not sure if you heard about “butter surprise”, or the infamous “Double Decker,” but you can easily replace this fake poop soap in place of real poop, the fake sh*t you bought online, or even poop that you can make your self for pranks.

Using fecal matter is probably the most disgusting thing that I can think of, but it is probably the most effective as well. As human beings, we are abhorred and are violently ill at the thought, sight, or smell of dookie. Well, most of us are, in any case. Dogs on the other hand just love this stuff, and are willing to smell it, lick it, and even eat it. Grosses me out man. Well, you can read on for our personal review of Poop Soap, and pranks that we suggest with it!

Poop Soap Review

When we first got this product in the mail and opened it up, the writers here almost threw up. It didn’t help that before I gave it to them to open, I had resealed the package after spraying a little Liquid Ass all over it. Yes, you’ll need a gas mask for that. Prank #1 has begun, and they thought we actually bought real crap!

Here is our review: The look is unsightly, with the great shade of poopy brown, filled in the recesses with undigested kernels of corn. YUM. It does not smell disgusting, but that can be remedied with a few sprays or drops of a fart spray. All in all, it looks pretty darn real, and from a distance with a little added olfactory addition it will make it the perfect duo for any prank you can choose.

Uses Of Fake Poop

What’s great about this bar of soap is you can touch it, handle it, throw it around and it actually DISINFECTS! Who knew? Leave it on the floor in the bathroom, and if your disgusting roommate comes in – pick it up and throw it at him barehanded, accusing him of sh*tting all over the floor. How about just leaving it in a ziplock bag and throwing it in the freezer, or inside someone’s lunch they take to school or work? Yeah, we’re evil, but at least it’s (relatively) harmless! You can leave it in the sink, or on top of someone’s car.

If you’re interested in picking some up, we recommend purchasing some from the reliable here:

And remember, we’re always open for suggestions, comments, and feedback. We look forward to reading or even seeing more of the pranks that you guys can come up with. Don’t forget to contact us, or send in a video of your reviews and prank ideas. We look forward to your ideas!

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