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Speech Jammer Prank Review

Speech Jammer Revenge Prank

Speech Jammer Gun – How It Works

I’m sure we’ve all seen the gun review by the guy who had a speech jammer plugged into his ear. If not, check out the video below:

In the video, he used this app with a little bit of tweaking:

Speech Zapper for iTunes

How it works:

Basically, the device works by playing back your own voice at intervals which confuse your auditory system. Hearing your own voice at different frequencies confuses your brain, and is hard to continue talking in the correct tone or even altogether. Hard to speak when you can’t hear yourself. If you want to do it on yourself, using noise cancelling headphones is best.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any that are for sale. So, how can we get one? Well, you can always..

Build your own.

What you’ll need.

1) A Directional Microphone:

2) Software for the PC:

Speech Jammer for PC. This is the software that will modulate your voice to confuse your brain.

This is from the creators of the first speech jammer, which was made in Japan. They have given out a free software version that you can use on your PC.

3) A Directional Speaker.

The Sound Lazer

For $275, you can buy the sound lazer for your device. We haven’t acquired ours yet, but will be updating this post as soon as we get ours.

4) A Raspberry Pi

This device is the “brains” of your Speech Jammer. It will run the software and connect the directional speaker to the microphone.

Lastly, check out this hilarious video of it being used…