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How To Make Fake Blood (Edible too!)

Fake blood, nothing could go better with Halloween than this! There are quite a few ways to make fake blood. You can of course buy it from here (vampire fake blood), but if you choose to make it, here is an awesome recipe that is even edible! That’s right, you can eat this stuff! Be careful, because it does stain. Enough bugging us already, just in time for Halloween we’ve created this edible fake blood recipe for you.

Edible Fake Blood Recipe

Making fake blood is relatively easy, and can be done with a few simple household ingredients. You’ll want to go out and purchase the following items below if you don’t currently have them in your pantry or Kitchen.


    • 4 cups Corn Syrup (about the size of a 32 fluid ounce bottle)

      You can use this Karo Brand Light Corn Syrup

      You can use this Karo Brand Light Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is made from the sweet sugars from corn. It is basically a fructose and glucose sugar mixture, with different ratios of each depending on type of corn syrup and brand/product you purchase. The Karo brand above is what we used in our test.

    • 3 Tbsp (tablespoon) Red Food Coloringred food coloring for fake bloodRed food coloring is a FDA approved food safe color additive. This is what will give the ‘blood’ it’s red bloodiness. More or less with create a more or less vivid shade of red.


    • One Mixing Bowlmetal mixing bowl for prankThis is where you can mix the awesomeness, and use it to dole out your disgusting and realistic stickiness of bloood. It will also help contain the mess so your family members won’t get too upset of ruining the kitchen counters.


    • A Handheld Mixer or Whiskoxo metal mixer whiskTo assist with the mixing of awesomeness, and so you don’t prematurely get it all over your hands or clothes. Although not added here either, gloves might help out a lot as well.


  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)hershey's cocoa powder unsweetened to darken bloodCocoa powder helps darken the blood, while also providing a great thickness factor to it as well. The most commonly known brand in the US is hershey’s chocolate, which we’ve included above. Also, you can use Corn Starch as a replacement thickening agent.


Creating the fake blood is a relatively easy and straight forward process. You’ll want to scoop out about 4 cups of corn syrup (full 32 ounce bottle) and add it to the bowl – you don’t even need to measure it. Mix with your whisk incorporating a few drops of the red food coloring. Is it as red as you like it? No, add more, if yes, then stop there! Now, mix in the Cocoa Powder to desired consistency, and voila! You’re all set. Now what should you do with it?

 Fake Blood Pranks To Pull:

This fake blood that you’ve created is awesome. It is edible, it’s the color and consistency of real blood, and you can cause some real havoc with it! You can put it on your face and run around in public. You can pretend to throw up with some of it oozing from your mouth. It’s even a great addition to your costume on Halloween! Vampires, zombies, gunshot victims, or even murderers – whatever you are this Halloween, this quick and easy recipe is enough for you and your friends to enjoy and maybe even have as a treat!

Stay tuned for our video recipe to show all you visual learners how we roll!

Realistic Mannequin Head Pranks

What good is a mannequin head good for other than for costuming, cosmetology, wig holding, and as a jewelry display? Playing pranks on people, of course! Read on to see three of our top mannequin head pranks with videos, and how you can get revenge on people in public or in private.

Mannequin head in bed prank

This first prank is great to wake up someone when they are dead asleep. They will stare into the dead and soulless eyes of someone they do not recognize. As their brain is booting up, they will be frightened looking back at the conveniently placed inanimate object.

As you can see below, all you have to do is place the head in position next to your sleeping enemy. Poke them, or figure out a way to wake them (loud horns and tickling go a long ways as well), and let them roll over and be greeted by an alien sight! See how freaked out they are, and make sure you get it on video like below!


Mannequin head drop prank

This funny prank is in Portuguese, but you can at least get the drift of what’s going on in the video below. For a quick explanation of what’s happening – Basically, they’re having some oblivious man who is in on the scheme (who is wearing headphones and bumping music) drop a head off the mannequin, as people (read: the victims of the prank) are walking behind him. With convenient coincidence, a group of workers follows along with a large board across the path perpendicularly crossing the point of view of the dropped head and the ‘victims.’ One of the workers swoops down to pick up the fake head, while a human double appears from below the street. In a hidden compartment located within the sewer, a lady wearing a wig will place her head almost exactly where the fake head was dropped. As the unsuspecting victims try to help out by calling out to return the fallen item, they reach down and are greeted with a loud shriek from the alive person below – holding only a grip full of the wig that she was wearing. To see it in action, check it out here:

If you’re interested now, you can purchase your very own mannequin head here:

Just For Laughs Mannequin Head

just for laughs mannequin head

Lifeless eyes and a full head of hair, this mannequin head is definitely frightening.

Mannequin Head In Shirt Prank

Want a way to creep out people in department stores? Look no further. With the similarity to slenderman no coincidence:

Morphsuits Slenderman Costume Prank

Slenderman prank costume, similar to the mannequin heads here

This prank will frighten the living crap out of people wherever you’re at. Something that is against the norm of society, seeing an elongated neck chasing you around the store will frighten even some of the most hardened of us. This quick 6 second clip shows how simple it really is:

Pretty scary if you ask us. Want more pranks, or know of any other uses of Mannequin Heads? Write to us below in the comments!

Fake Bullet Holes Product Review

We’re going to be completely honest here – fake bullet holes are pretty darn lame looking. Plastic covering with silver and black paint definitely do NOT look realistic. Don’t believe us? See the image below:

Fake Bullet Holes

fake bullet holes on car revenge product

Non realistic looking car bullet holes.

Do you really want these actually fake looking things on your own ride? Well, it might be cook to buy and put on someone else’s car or bike, but we’ll leave that up to you.

You can purchase them anywhere from $2 up to $12, with the average price around $5. This is a solid deal, and they can be found in a metallic version for use on cars, or glass version for use on windows. The ones that we have come across when we bought a few don’t look realistic at all, and honestly, unless you live in the ghetto will you have to worry about getting your car shot up. Actually, if you live in America, it’s a real occurrence you might have to be wary of. Places like New Jersey, Oakland, and Texas will have real bullet holes lining people’s car doors. Other than that, you’ll probably look like someone trying to fake something that you’re not. On the other hand, you might be able to fake out someone who really lives in the ghetto and might get their car shot up – which is kinda funny if you ask us. It can be an option that you have to consider on your own.

During our search for the best fake bullet holes, we did come across these bullet hole temporary tattoos:

fake tattoo bullet holes

these fake temporary bullet hole tattoos look pretty neat.

They’re actually a prosthetic attachment you can use if you want to prank someone while you are dressed up for Halloween, or just want to give a scare to a loved one while you’re at it. Use some fake blood, get a ruined t-shirt and rip some holes into it, add the blood to the shirt and ground, and around your lip, and await for your roommate or significant other to come home and find you there after a false ‘home invasion’. Scare the living daylights out of them. You can also have a fake gun at the scene of the crime, like you just “had enough” and decided to take it out with yourself. It’s a much safer way than doing the real thing, and you can remove the stickers – not real bullets.

In terms of whether or not you should buy fake bullet holes or not, they can be added to stocking-stuffers or for a unique birthday gift. They look great when attached as a prosthetic in the image above, or on some car. You can buy them here:

Buy Fake Bullet Holes.

Our verdict? They’re cheap, and not so much of a waste of money for the novelty. Just don’t have this be the end all be all gift for someone. Think of it more like a side dish to a entree plate. It’s a product that can compliment a prank or gift for someone.

Vampire Drink Blood Product Review

Since we have been working on a post to describe how to make your own fake blood, we decided to check out a vampire fake blood product we found in our search. This is the three pack below:

Blood Energy Potion pack for vampire

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like one of the characters out of your favorite vampire movie or TV show, this product is for you. You watch walking dead, true blood, blade, or even twilight? Ever wondered what blood tasted like? Want to live like your favorite characters, actors, or actresses? Well then go out and try these!

Great as party favors or gag gifts for Halloween and themed parties, such as premieres of your favorite TV show. Sit around and crack open one of the pouches to feast on the luscious viscosity. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the full experience and enjoy the heck out of the show, and it’s also a great conversation starter!

For added realistic taste and texture, you can try the Blood Potion warm. You can heat it up right before serving, and enjoy it closer to the temperature of the real thing. The instructions on how to do so are right on the back of the pouch, so you can’t do it wrong. You’ll realize why blood has such an alluring quality to it. The Hawaiian Punch flavor also gives it a nice sweetness.

Drink This Vampire Blood Potion

It claims to contain the makeup of real blood, with hints of iron, caffeine, protein, and certain electrolytes, with a touch of fruity punch as well. If you’re ever nicked yourself and tasted your blood and enjoy it, we believe you will certainly love this product. Each bag contains 3.4 fluid ounces of the 4 hour energizing thick syrup.

vampire blood fruit punch

Not only for those of you who have a fetish for the taste of blood, this flavorful substitute was made without harming a living being. And the kicker is that it is like an energy drink, very similar to how blood gives vampires their life sustaining properties. Not only that, but the consistency of real blood is there as well!

If anything, this awesome packaging of the product can look pretty convincing hanging in a refrigerator. Ask your friend over to grab you a drink from the cooler, and watch them stumble back in surprise of what they’ll find!

The novelty of this product won’t wear off, so time and time again you can find new uses for it. Go out in public, pull open a pouch, and enjoy in full view of everyone. If you hear shrieks or screams as people sprint away from you – rest assured knowing it was YOU who freaked them out.

Oh, and it’s garlic free. Don’t be dumb and use it in place of real blood – it’s not meant for transfusions or anything of that sort. People’s blood definitely isn’t for drinking, but this product is. So enjoy!

You could probably even add something like this fake heart prank product to serve up an even more terrifying treat!

fake heart prank productHave fun, and be sure to comment below!

The Amazing Dyed Shower Prank

This prank is one of the more simpler pranks out there, requiring very little experience and only two real products to get to put in motion. You will need to have some delicate hands to place the powder into the capsule, but more on that later.

The Stained Shower Prank

For the setup, what you’ll need is:

Gelatin Capsules

gelatin capsules for a prank

You can either purchase these, or bust open some Tylenol or other vitamin/powder capsule and dump out it’s contents to use. It’ll probably be easier to get them online however. This is what will store the staining dye powder. You’ll probably only need about 20 of these, again depending on the size of the shower head and how many can fit inside.

Koolaid Packs

koolaid cherry prankAh, the amazing Koolaid! This staining dye powder does wonders. It’s useful in a drink, or added to a shower-head to spray some unknowing target. You’ll need access to their bathroom however, so fair warning. Plus their logo dude is top rate, which you can smash in on them in the bathroom as well.

And of course, you’ll need access to your target’s bathroom and specifically their shower-head!

How do this prank work?

Basically, gelatin capsules work by holding the medicine or whatever product within these gel capsules. When you take a capsule such as Tylenol, the pill enter into your stomach to get dissolved by your stomach acid, thus releasing the medicine to get you to feel better. Well, this prank technique uses the similar process, except the gelatin is filled with a stain-creating koolaid instead of medicine, and uses water instead of stomach acid to dissolve this barrier. This will induce shock and horror to the showerer (the pranked), thinking that they are bleeding or in some type of sick and twisted movie or bad dream.

The reason that gel capsules are the best, is that they’ll dissolve slowly, thus releasing the payload over a prolonged period of time instead of just stuffing the shower cap with powder. If you did that instead, your enemy can just turn it on and notice what’s happening, not getting into the shower right away. If you’re anything like me, you’ll turn on the shower, check in a minute to see if it’s hot, and then jump in. If I saw a red stream of water all over the shower floor, my skin would turn the same color as I tried to flush out the perpetrator!

The outcome will look something like this:

bathroom revenge

Oh, they placed the fake staining blood in the top of the toilet bowl it seems as well.

Other Notes:

You could also potentially use hair dye or another ingredients inside of the gel capsule, not necessarily koolaid. Koolaid works because it is ridiculously cheap and powerful for this prank. And just a heads up, red is probably the best color, although you could go for green to get a sickly look on your victim. And lastly, while they’re in the middle of their shower, you can kick down the door and say:

Oh no, koolaid man!


Alternatively, you can use something not as colorful but can get the job done for you. It is best pulled on roommates: Chicken Soup, Anyone?


Unscrew shower head like the above prank, and put chicken bullion cubes into said shower head instead of the gel capsules. They look like this below. You’ll want to unwrap them before placing them in.

chicken boullion cubes for shower revenge

Screw back on the shower head back to it’s original position, now filled with tasty ordinance.

Act confused but quietly laugh to yourself when roommate steps out of shower, smelling like chicken and sticky from the hidden packages!

So that’s it!

If you’re interested in buying the ingredients for this revenge prank online, get the koolaid, gel capsules, and chicken bouillon cubes. Now, go out and get your revenge!

Smuggle In Booze With These Hidden Tampon Flasks

Want to learn a unique way to smuggle booze into a venue with a hidden tampon flask? That got your attention, didn’t it! Why do most venues not allow you to bring in outside alcohol? We assume that it is because they want you to purchase their products and drink offerings. Well, what if you don’t want to buy their outrageous and overpriced beverages? What can you do?

Having a covert way to smuggle in booze to concerts, sporting events, and other recreational activities is a right of passage for the youth today. There is this hidden tampon flask that just came out. This thing is ingenious, in that it’s packaging is designed to look like something else – however you can fill it with contraband of your choice. What it’s best to do is to smuggle booze with these fake tampons.

Hidden Alcohol Flasks

Don’t you hate it when you have to go to the store to get tampons? Those necessary hygiene products that your wife or girlfriend needs you to grab, along with chocolate while you’re out getting your favorite 6-pack? Now you can combine the two! Take along a few of these tampons to find the ‘similar product’ in the store, and you’ll be able to drink in peace in public. Walk around your favorite grocery store, grab some other brand, and make your way to the counter. No-one will be the wiser!

You know you have a drinking problem when you’re stopped by security to be searched, only to find a bottle hidden in your over-sized purse.

wine sack to bring alcohol into venues

Well, if you want to sneak alcohol into places you shouldn’t, this is just the right product for you to have in your arsenal. It’s best to stash spirits in your hidden flask, since beer and wine can only go so far. If security checks your purse, all they’ll see if your chaser bottle of diet coke, and some tampons as they wave you through. You can then enjoy your drinks on the cheap. It’s probably going to be that famed “Chico Water” Burnett’s Vodka. And it’s probably better to go places where they have lenient security and pat down policies, but sometimes your favorite rave isn’t the best place to do that. So walk in with confidence that your feminine hygiene product will save you from unnecessary trouble and waste of good funds.

Get them here:

BoozeTube Hidden Tampon Flask

boozetube hidden tampon flask

Men, grab a flask tie as an alternative and join the party, with this

Hidden Flask Tie:

Hidden Alcohol Tie Flask


Floppy Flask:

floppy flask

We hope that this helps you guys not pay for the unnecessary profit margins, and allows you to smuggle booze onto Cruise Ships from port, your favorite rock n roll or hip hop concert, or those pesky ‘dry weddings’. Ugh, we hate those!

Why we do what we do here?

We’ve had a few questions about who we are here at How To Revenge, and wanted to discuss why we do what we do, and where we are going from here. First, we’ll start off with our backstory, and how we conceived of this idea. From there, we’ll look out onto the horizon and see what’s next for us in our evolution. We are extremely ecstatic on the recent turn of events and the opportunities presented to us, so we have written this post just for you. Without much further to do, here’s how we conceived of the idea.

How It All Began

hooligan - vandal

When we first started the site our freshman year of college many many moons ago, we were but a team of reckless roommates causing destruction and mayhem to each other and anybody unfortunate enough to get the way. This started out with a simple water balloon launcher on rooftops, which ultimately ended up launching fruit at random passersby. Fire extinguishers were stolen, filled with paint, and released on unsuspecting victims dousing vehicles and clothes with black liquid ink. Fire sprinkler systems were broken, causing the flooding of buildings. Supersoakers were filled with urine and sprayed. Dog poop was thrown and smeared all over people’s belongings. And salt was poured on lawns drawing out interesting shapes. Fist fights broke out. Too much mayhem, and not enough love going around. Some of the original clan even ended up spending nights in the county jail. That was no fun.

After one upping each other one too many times, the pranks got downright dirty. Friendships were lost and lifelong enemies were born that year. After a few too many beers one night, and much searching online, this site was born. Most of us still remain friends to this day. Some stay as arch-Nemeses. (really, it’s their loss). We try not to associate ourselves with those who take fondly to destruction of peoples property, but it happened.

stupid dumb pranks on statues

From that fateful night forward, we figured why not bring our knowledge to the world, and teach others exactly what we know. And what we know is how to exact vengeance. We’ve slowly added articles to the site of freshly written content that we felt was lacking around the world, and unable to find anywhere online. We are now ready to move onto the next step of our grand plan! We hope you’ll stay tuned!

Most of our articles and pranks are meant to be done in good nature, fun, and cheap to do. We also hope to bring relatively new information to you, like how capsaicin works or what borax is. We would never advocate actually hurting someone, and think those of you that do have sociopathic tendencies and need to get some serious help. Honestly, this is the quote that we live by:

“Living well is the best revenge, for everything else

We have since grown from our Juvenile tendencies, but still love teaching and informing everyone online about the wide range of pranks that are out there. This site is grown beyond our wildest imaginations and we now realize that the sky truly isn’t the limit, there’s so much more to do. We’re constantly going through our messages and resources and are excited to see how much more we can do.

What’s in store for the future at How To Revenge?

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand-new YouTube Channel, where we will be bringing informative and entertaining video content to the world. We haven’t released too much just yet, but we will tell you that we’ll be having a mascot who will be our host. Were currently going to release dozens of videos over the course of next couple months, and we kindly ask you to subscribe now and prepare for awesomeness!

We’re also looking forward to our partnership with several Internet retailers to bring our high quality standards of products delivered to you on time, and under budget. We have selected just a few that are reliable and that we can confidently assure will be the best prank product possible.

You can check out one such store here, with others still in the works.:

Our Zazzle How To Get Revenge Store

How_to_get_revenge - Store

This store will be filled with prank greeting cards, posters, business card packs, bumper stickers, and much much more. We have a team of designers feverishly working on getting out the best and most asked for products as soon as possible. Have a suggestion for a product we haven’t offered yet? Drop us a note in our contact form!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, we hope that you are just so excited about the future as we are. You’ll want to check back often, so please rate, subscribe, share, like, and comment – find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Until next time, happy pranking folks 🙂

How To Make Fake Snot

Interested in finding out how to make your own snot? Read on for this gross recipe and use it to pull some awesome pranks with it! The main ingredients of this prank product involve two primary molecular compounds: Glue and Borax. You’ll also want to have some food coloring (green and yellow work), a cup, some spoons, water, and plastic bags. Check below to see everything that you need, and click the links if you wish to purchase them.

Making Fake Snot Ingredients:

To make this dastardly disgusting and devious fun slimey mess, you’ll need the following things:

Elmers Glue

Elmers Glue For Prank Snot

The first ingredient is glue. Elmer’s brand glue is washable, safe, and non-toxic. It is known as the “bull brand”, although it contains no animal byproducts (although the first glues used to be made from Casein, a protein in milk). It is created from a rubbery synthetic polymer known as PVA (or Polyvinyl Acetate). If you choose white glue, your slime will look more like boogers, while the clearer glue will give you more snot-like qualities. The choice is yours!


Borax For Fake Snot PrankThe second ingredient is Borax. Borax has been used as a laundry detergent and cleaner for over 100 years. In fact, the 20 mule team brand has been around since 1891, and is now owned by the Dial Soap corporation. Borax is also used as a food additive, although is illegal in the US. Studies have found that it can cause indigestion if swallowed, and skin irritation on the hands. It’s recommended you wear gloves when handling this, or have adult supervision.

Green Food Coloring

mccormick green food coloring for snot and slime

This is what will give the boogers their greenness. You can use more or less, depending on how green you really want your mucus. Too much, and your snot will look like slime – so be careful! Also, you might want to get some yellow food coloring just to add that sickly touch.

Plastic Bags

ziploc plastic bags to make boogersThese plastic bags will hold your contained slimey mess and help you mix it around. You can also store the final product in here as well!

Other things you’ll need: A Spoon, Water, & a Cup.

Make Fake Mucus Recipe:

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1:

Combine 1/8th a Cup of Borax with half a liter of warm water (a little over 2 cups) in the plastic bag. Swish it all around to completely dissolve the borax in the warm water. (It doesn’t have to completely dissolve).

Step 2:

Take about two large spoonfuls of glue and mix with 3 large spoonfuls of water into your cup. You can also add in the food coloring right now. Mix it all around.

Step 3:

Combine the liquid glue and food coloring mixture in the cup into the plastic bag holding the borax and water solution. You’ll probably also want to dump one more teaspoon or tablespoon of the borax solution in the bag after as well, to make the streaks that boogers and snot makes.

Step 4:

Mix it all around, and remove to enjoy your brand new mucus!

Caution: While Borax is relatively nontoxic, always WASH YOUR HANDS after playing with this snot!

This recipe is also similar to how to make slime, which we will cover in the coming articles! Thanks, and we hope you enjoyed our How To Article!

Fake Ultrasound Pictures To Use

Sounds we can’t hear with our ears is known as ultrasound. This frequency of sound waves is used by animals such as bats to locate prey. Ultrasound is also used to detect things such as babies inside of human beings. It is noninvasive and allows the doctor to see the hopefully healthy development of a child in the mother’s womb. They will then print out still images from that reading to give to the family to cherish, which are known as ultrasound pictures. What you want to do with these is up to you, but this photographic evidence may be manipulated for some dastardly deeds instead.

The sonogram device looks something like the picture below, with the actual image showing up on the screen behind it. It uses the sound sensor and emitter, as well as a gel like coating to increase lubrication. The handheld device then emits sound waves much like sonar or echolocation, and then picks them back up and displays them as an image on the screen. Check it out:

prank ultrasound picture

There is a fantastic prank product that we have found for you to use and enjoy in your dealings with deadbeats and exes. Combine it in your overall plot with a fake pregnancy test from a few weeks earlier, and you’ll be ready to exact what monetary compensation you need – and you won’t even need to buy or have to deal with an abortion to top it all off.

The name of this revenge tactic is known as extortion. Extortion is illegal in the United States, so check with your local government before pursuing this technique. Also committing fraud is illegal, so I’d check with a legal authority such as a lawyer before doing this. Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, let us introduce you this prank tactic:

We’ll call this the “Abortion Extortion

If you can get a set of these realistic looking ultrasound images below, you can see that they are very convincing. Click that link to check them out.

Buy Fake Ultrasound Pictures

Fake Ultrasound Image

If you could purchase these fake ultrasound pictures, you will be light-years ahead of convincing someone that someone else is pregnant. There is a real baby in there, and it’s a real photograph. When they print out, they are glossy and look like a photograph. Well, you’re in luck, we’ve teamed with an amazing company to provide you the most realistic prank product we can come up with. It will be shipped discretely to your door, for you to then use in your own pranks.

Make A Fake Ultrasound With Your Name On It

These things are fully customizable, or you can place your name or victim’s name and the date on the top. Just click the ‘Customize it’ icon, and then put your name and date at the top like so:



What this will do is provide a very CONVINCING item you can use to tell people you are pregnant. You can distribute through instagram, facebook, and in person to share with the world the happy and joyous news!

To top it all off, you can also purchase fake DNA tests, should that deadbeat or ex try to weasel his way out of paying you what you want. Good luck, don’t get caught, and happy revenging!

You can purchase them over here, from

Nair Shampoo Bathroom Prank Idea

Nair, the product that potentially means “no hair” – was developed to easily remove hair from the body. It does this by basically breaking the bonds in keratin, the main component of hair. This allows those who are using the product to easily wipe away the now removed hair follicles.

I wonder if we can come up with some sort of dastardly prank to use this Nair with? I’m sure many of our readers can guess where this is going. We’re calling it the No Hair Shampoo Revenge.

Nair comes in a wide range of products, but the one we are most interested in is the hair remover lotion. Caution: it can literally burn your flesh, hair, and nails off – and will smell like burning rubber. We recommend using gloves, and probably not doing this prank. With that disclaimer out of the way here’s a setup for your revenge!

The Nair “No Hair” Revenge Prank

What you’ll need to buy:

First find whatever shampoo your Mark uses. You can either purchase a new one, or just ruin the shampoo he or she currently uses. This one is good.

sauve shampoo

Next, you want to go out and buy something that looks like this:

Nair Hair Removal Lotion

Nair hair removing lotion

If you opted to buy new shampoo, remove most of its contents and place the hair removing lotion in. Put the now sabotaged package in an easily accessible area within the bathroom. Wait for your target to take a shower, and be prepared for the consequences of your actions. You’ll probably want to have an alibi, or be ready to run – taking anything valuable with you that can be smashed or destroyed. You don’t want to be in the path of this rage machine once they get out!

What’s going to happen is when they take a shower and use the shampoo, the Nair will immediately get to work attacking their hair follicles. As they are lathering their scalp, the lotion will start disintegrating their hair. They probably won’t know what’s going on. To them, the hair that is falling out will look like dirt. As they continue washing, they might start feeling a burning sensation. It is particularly devastating to use on a female, since their hair takes much longer to grow back to its initial length. And unfortunately for them, girls can be catty – which is why there’s a movie titled “Mean Girls”. This has definitely happened in dorms and sororities. Fair warning though, this attack could lead to a meltdown and potential legal repercussions, causing someone to drop out of college and shy away from life for a bit. Guys might be more pissed off at this attack, however, but they at least can rock a bald scalp for a while.

This prank product also works really well if you have a roommate or enemy who uses your shampoo without asking. they will from now on ask you something of yours, rather than just taking it.

WARNING – It is NOT meant for the head, so don’t do this prank lightly or for fun to anyone you don’t want to get back or get revenge on. They will have scabs and burn marks for the next month. Be prepared to get away at a drop of the hat if you decide to this. Likewise, do not use this product on sensitive areas such as the area between your legs. In fact, don’t do this prank. It’s for educational purposes only.

If you’re really interested, watch the video below to see what happens if you do this prank to your roommate:

The guy definitely handled it better than any of us here would have. Happy revenging!