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How To Make Edible Fake Poop

Ah, we know what you want – edible fake poop. We get it, you want to gross out your friends or strangers as quickly as possible! You don’t want to use real poop, or have to buy your own fake poop – whether it be poop soap or plastic variety. But you still want some? Fear not, we here at How To Get Revenge have decided to share a few ways on how to make fake poop. After the horde of messages we’ve received asking about it, we found the simplest way to create the most realistic looking and edible doodoo possible. Read on to learn how to make your own, with simple corner store bought supplies. After you finish, walk your butt down to get some of the ingredients from the store, and then get your revenge – or at least prank a few people!


Fake Poop Recipe:

Fake poop needs to look brownish-black on the color spectrum. Sometimes it contains other things like fiber or corn kernals. The best way we found to make fake poop is to use these ingredients:

Peanut Butter

Jif creamy peanut butter to make a prank

This is the stuff to give the bulk of your fake poop

The first of two main ingredients, peanut butter helps build a base and assists with the color of the novelty & edible doodoo that you are creating. After spending a short time in the mircowave, it will form into a crumbley mixture that when extruded through a pastry bag or a sandwhich bag will form the shape of the caca that is expelled from a human.


Whole Kernel Sweet Corn Meant for a poop prank

Corn isn’t necessary, but it’s a great addition!

Gross. Yup, to make it look as real as possible, we’ve added cooked corn into ours. You don’t have to, but it’s definitely a great plus. Corn generally goes undigested

Chocolate Syrup


Just a little bit to add some flavor and color.

Just a little bit to add some flavor and color.

The other main ingredient besides the peanut butter, the chocolate syrup. This adds the color to darken up poop, almost like you have blood in your stool!

Plastic Bag

ziploc sandwhich bags

You’ll use the plastic bags to hold the now mixed poop, It also really helps extrude the excrement as quickly as possible.



Scissors are sharp, and can be used for multiple products

Scissors are sharp, and can be used for multiple products

This is used to cut the plastic bag into a pastry style squeezer, so you don’t get messy placing the crap everywhere.



Spoons galore

Spoons galore!

This is used to get the peanut butter out of the jar, mix up your mess of a mixture, and place it into the plastic bag for excrement onto the plate or floor. Again, don’t want to get messy!



Make sure it's Microwave Safe!

Make sure it’s Microwave Safe!

Used for mixing the poop, what else! It needs to be microwaveable or “microwave” safe. You’ll might want to have gloves as well, just in case it get’s too hot.



What does it look like? It's a plate, of course.

What does it look like? It’s a plate, of course.

Not really necessary – it’ll be used to display your finalized masterpiece to use at your discretion.



Muahahhahah, I love the microwave invention!

Muahahhahah, I love the microwave invention!

This nifty technology helps cook the peanut butter to a great consistency. It is important to use because it will add a crumbly-like texture, prior to mixing in the rest of the syrup.

Wax paper

wax paper for the con

Optional as well, but it will help handling and presentation of the poop and make your clean up a lot easier.


How To Make The Fake Poop:

Once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients, this is the easy part! Read on to learn

Step I:

First, you’ll want to mix the peanut butter and chocolate mixture together in a bowl with your spoon, enough so that the color is the brown blackness of regular poop. You could always add more chocolate syrup at a later time.

Step II:

Once you have the amount, color, and consistency seemingly to your satisfaction, you’ll want to put your (right now, very TASTY) mixture into the microwave. Depending on the amount that you’ve used you might want to add more.

Step III:

Take that bowl out of the microwave (make sure it’s not too hot!) and get ready to mix your poo back to the color you want, while still keeping the consistency. You could always repeat step II to get your desired amount right. Once it’s to your liking, get ready to place it into your plastic bag. Now would also be a good time to add your corn or nuts.

Step IV:

Ready to transfer this to your mold making device? Good. Grab your sandwich bag and scoop the poop into the bag. Take your scissors and make a small incision at a corner. Grab your plate with the wax paper and slowly pump out the chocolate mixture to form life like poop. BE CAREFUL! This is the really messy part.

Step V: ??????

Whatever you want to do with it. Place it in the toilet, on the ground, or carry it in a napkin in your backpack or pocket to use it at the best possible moment – say in a courthouse or at school?

Fake Poop Prank

Where do you use fake sh*t? Oh, your hearts content. You can place it in the top of a toilet for the ‘Double Decker’ prank, you can leave it in an entry way floor, right outside your roommates bedroom. Want to blame the dog? Place it where it usually walks. Send it in the mail and don’t hassle with the regulations from the US postal service! Know the oldest prank in the book? It’s when you have a brown paper bag, poop inside, and fire lit on the top. You place the steaming, burning pile sack on your enemies door and ring the doorbell. The frightened person will stop it out, having the contents smashed all over their shoes.

The best thing you can really do, and since this is edible, is that you can easily not only gross out your friends but you can make them think you’re crazy! Grab some of your nasty (yet tasty!) poop that’s on a plate, pick it up with your hand, and chow down. Hopefully you’re in view of all the victims you are trying to make vomit. Show them the smile with your teeth covered in the chocolate deliciousness, and delight yourself with the fact that everybody else thinks you just had a heaping mouthful of the disgusting and foul bowel movement.