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How To Make Fake Vomit & Puke – And What To Do With It

Fake vomit is a necessary evil sometimes, but you’ll have to get your hands “dirty” making vomit with these tasty recipes. We’ve created 3 great recipes for you to make and try out on your own. Are you the type of kid that is trying to dupe your parents to get out of school? Are you the social prankster that will walk out into a crowded public street, concealing your concoction in a towel, pretend to gag, and reveal this mess to the disgust of onlookers? Do you want to make a trip to the movie theaters hell for all the audience around you?

Well, we hope not, but we’re going to be providing this educational article on how to make fake vomit. There are actually multiple ways to create realistic looking puke, which we’ll outline some of our favorites in this article.

Making Fake Puke

Fake Puke Product

This is a terrible looking fake puke product, so we’ll teach you how to make your own below!

Vomit caused by throwing up typically consists of stomach fluids and acids, also known as gastric acid. This is formed in the stomach and mixes with undigested food to help break it down. No matter what it contains, it also always smells terrible. Likewise, it is also one of the most disgusting sounds people can hear. That guttural-wrenching “Ullugghh”. Yuck! The thought of it even sends shivers down our spines.

People throw up typically from being sick, with things such as ‘sea sickness’, car sickness, or even from being really really drunk. Also, when someone close by you is also sick and expelling their most recent meal or drink, everyone around them well get sick as well, which leads to social puking. There are also chemicals known as ‘Emetics’ which can help facilitate  vomiting too. Our goal is not to teach you how to throw up with a product (there may be another article about the), but actually what household items you can use to produce your own nasty looking and smelling puke!

3 Good Recipes For Fake Puke

Vomit is easily created with a few pantry items you can find around the house. We’ve identified 3 ways to make fake vomit. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Method 1: How To Make Fake Vomit Easily


  • 1 Cup cooked Oatmeal:
Oatmeal made by Quaker Oats

Nothing better than Oatmeal to make come back up again!

Used for consistency and base in your mix of ingredients below. The old fashioned or rolled oats variety works best, although instant oatmeal is used for another technique below.

  • ½ cup of sour cream or ranch:
White tub of sour cream made by Daisy

Good, ole daisy brand sour cream. Can’t go wrong with the smell!

The sour cream gives it a little color and astringent smell, similar to the vinegar below. Similar to ranch, it will do the same thing.

  • 2 chopped cheese sticks:


Land O Lakes String Cheese

These cheese sticks provide the glump you’ll need.

You’ll chop up the cheesticks to provide the chunks in your chunky mixture. String cheese works best, and you can eat some while making this prank.

  • 1 uncooked egg:


Seperator to just get the egg whites out

The yolk and whites are nasty gooey things. Do you want just the whites?

This provides the slimy texture of your batch of slime. The product above actually acts as an egg separator.

  • 1 can of split pea soup:
Split Pea Soup made Vegan

Don’t you love the color green?

The wonderful color green, aka the color of your acid within your stomach!

  • Small handful of Raisins:


California Raisins by SunMaid

Yay! Raisins! Great for chunks

Raisins held break up the green and chunky mixture. So, what exactly did you eat beforehand?

  • 1 tbsp of vinegar:


White Vinegar Acidic Liquid.

Just a little bit of acid can go a long way

Vinegar provides the smell, since it is an acid as well.

  • One large cooking pot:


Black Nonstick Pot

Nice and non-sticky for your sticky mess!

What you’ll use to cook & mix the ingredients.


Step 1: Mix ingredients within the large cooking pot you grabbed for your creation.

Step 2: Cook on low heat for a few minutes, until you can’t take the smell anymore!

Step 3: Let cool, and place it where it causes the greatest effect.


Method 2: How To Make Fake Puke In The Toilet


  • Saltine crackers or rich sea biscuits:
Saltine Crackers By Nabisco

This will provide your mushy-gushy for your wonderful up-chuck.

Saltine crackers are used as a base, similar to the oatmeal in the prior method. You’ll want to chew these up for a greater effect.

  • Bowl or Toilet:


White Toilet Bowl

The playground for placement of your prank

This is where you will mix and place all your ingredients. Muahahhahah!

  • Water:


Pure life water made by nestle

DiHydrogen Monoxide, aka H20 – the leading molecule for life!

This provides the liquidity in your puke! Don’t have to use anything other than sink water.

  • Puppy or cat food:
Wet Cat Food By Friskies

This alone looks good enough to prank someone.

This stuff stinks, and reminds people of the foul smell of your stomach acid.


Step 1: Chew up the crackers until they are nice and mushy gooshy.

Step 2: Spit in your bowl or toilet.

Step 3: Mix water into the bowl (If you don’t have a toilet handy)

Step 4: Add cat food, dog food or tuna to the mixture for smell, and have it lay on top of the toilet like you missed!


Method 3: How To Make Fake Puke Fast


  • Instant Oatmeal:
Notice the gooey-ness of it?

Muahahah. Oatmeal is king for making it look like the real deal.

Those packets work wonders. We’d suggest the Banana one for the stench.

  • Colored GoldFish:
Colored Gold Fish for Puke Prank

Use the Red & Green types for realistic coloring!

Oh man, they’re good. Just do actually get sick by eating the whole box! They provide the color you need to make it realistic.

  • Bread:
Brown Bread for Prank

Nothing tastier than nature!

Bread helps provide some chunks for you, since when you eat you don’t fully chew your food – do you?

  • Applesauce or Baby Food:
Applesauce for vomiting.

Definitely something was mushed up by some teeth here.

Mott’s applesauce, such a tasty treat.. also the remnants of a meal un-digested.

  • Water:
Smart Water by Glaceau

Does drinking smart water make you dumber?

Water gives life, and gives you the ability to make your oatmeal & bread concoction meld together easily!

  • Bowl:
Glass prepware made by Pyrex

Place a bag in it you slob!

Just something to mix your goop in!


Step 1: Add oatmeal into bowl (½ cup or 1 cup) and combine with bread.

Step 2: Pour  water over the dry oatmeal & bread, until the water just covers the mix.

Step 3: Add the crunched up colored goldfishes to give it a little pizzazz.  Chew them up if you’d like as well. Spit really does help here.

Step 4: Add some of the apple sauce or baby food, whatever you have available.

Step 5: Throw in the microwave for a few minutes, until you like what you see.

Step 6: Add additional water and mix to desired consistency.


Use these wisely! These 3 methods of making fake vomit are sure to get you out of school or trick anyone who sees it. Great acting doesn’t hurt either – just don’t overdo it! Put them in plastic bags to take to-go, or place in your toilet and let your intended victim unwittingly find the gross concoction you have made.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments!