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A Different Kinder Surprise – The Chocolate Dipped Easter Egg Prank

Chocolate covered eggs are an Easter Style delicacy around the world, ranging from the German “illegal in the United States” Kinder Surprise to the famous Cadbury egg – these dipped confections are an edible delight to children as well as adults each holiday season. What better than to prepare a sly ‘surprise’, but instead of a toy like the Kinder variety, you have something more sinister lurking under that delicious shell? Introducing our take on the Chocolate Dipped Egg Prank.

You know those Cadbury Creme Eggs? They are a chocolate covered, creamy filled center candy confection most commonly consumed around Easter? They sort of look like this:

Yellow and blue chocolate covered egg

Gooey & Ooey throughout, or so your victim will think

Well, we are going to take one of these chocolate dipped candies and completely defile it with something horrendous.

How To Make the Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Prank

This article is going to dive into how to turn a raw or hard-boiled egg into something that will mimic the Creme or Chocolate eggs you can buy around Easter time. As we’re publishing this article, this season is right around the corner. We guarantee you the Easter Bunny will be labelled a horrible prankster after you successfully pull this off.

What Ingredients You Need

The Chocolate Dipped Egg Prank is actually relatively simple to set up. You need to grab these ingredients and supplies before you begin:

1) Gloves (optional):

Gloves are used to clean up.

We apologize for this disgusting photo, it was the only one we had.

Gloves are not really necessary to complete this, but it definitely does help to keep things sanitary and stop you from getting dirty while making this disgusting candy to prank someone with.

2) Eggs:

Perfect Egg recipes

Eggs are very versatile, and mischievous.

Raw or Hard-boiled – your choice. We chose to do the raw egg for greatest effect, but you can opt for a hard-boiled one, so as to reduce the chances of your victim getting Salmonella poisoning. I mean, if you really want to hit them where it hurts, go for raw.

3) Chocolate:

Chocolate melting wafers

Delicious yummy chocolate

This variety is probably the best, in our opinion. It melts easy, has a wonderful sheen and final coat of the pranked egg.

4) Stove:


Stove style hot plate

This is a hot plate, and works just as well.

You’ll use your stove to heat up the two pots, also known as a double boiler which you’ll see below. Above is a ‘hot plate’ which is similar, but more compact.

5) Double Boiler:

Double boilers

Two pots on top of each other, same size!

A double boiler allows chocolate to heat up slowly to a set point and not burn. There’s a lot of sciency stuff behind it, but the basic component is a pot of boiling water underneath a mixing bowl. The water heats up only to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is it’s boiling point. The steam then heats up the mixing bowl which will hold your chocolate used to coat the egg.

6) Tongs:

red colored tongs

Like crab claws

The tongs will allow you to coat the egg effortlessly in the double boiler, without hurting yourself.

7) Wax Paper:

Logan wrap brand wax paper.

Any brand of wax paper will do.

For placing the eggs on after coated, prior to sticking them in the fridge to solidify.

8) Festive Foil or Cadbury Creme Eggs:

Cadbury Frozen Eggs

What sinister thing could be lurking underneath?

Foil works wonders if you get a variety in blue, however just using old and carefully removed authentic chocolate covered eggs that you rewrap can work wonders as well.

9) A Serving Plate:


festive plate for fiesta.

Pretty sure this isn’t an Easter style plate.

Not needed, but adding presentation allows you to execute this dastardly deed onto your expecting target. Preparation is 80% of the battle.

Making the Easter Egg Prank

The process is relatively simple and straightforward. You’ll want to gather your supplies from earlier on your workstation, and get ready to get dirty.

Step 1:

Take an egg or two out of the fridge and allow to warm up to room temperature for about an hour or so. This will allow it not to build up condensation on the outside of the shell when you immerse it into chocolate later.

Step 2:

Put your pot of water onto the stove, and heat it up over medium-high heat. Place the large mixing bowl on top of the water, in effect creating your double boiler.

Step 3:

Pour the chocolate wafers into the double-boiler, until fully melted.

Step 4:

Place your egg into the melted chocolate with the tongs. Fully coat all sides. You may want to repeat this process 2-3 times, resulting in an evenly coated chocolate egg shell.

Step 5:

Lay onto wax paper, and then place into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour, or until hard.

Step 6:

Wrap in your foil of choice, and prepare your prank to get your victim!

How to pull off the Prank!

What are you to do with it when once you’ve made it?? Here are a few ways to have this prank go down.

I. You can have an eating contest:

One especially naughty trick is to only make one nasty egg, and have a “who can eat a chocolate egg the fastest contest”. Let your mark scream in agony as they crunch down on the slimy insides of the egg.

II. You can leave it to be found:

Just leave it on the table with other treats. Easy enough, right?

III. Make it Spicy!

Add in some capsaicin for double the torture. Place it in with the melted chocolate prior to dipping!

IV. Just plain give it to them!

Most people will gladly accept a candy treat, especially around the holiday seasons. Place it on top of undesirable or less-desirable choices for better chance of them choosing it. If asked, play it off nonchalantly like it’s nothing, and you’re offering the last one to them. Don’t forget to film it!

What other thoughts do you have? Please comment below!

How To Get Revenge On Debt Collectors

In this article, we’re going to show you how to deal with a debt collection agency – and those nasty debt collectors that come calling at all hours, contacting your friends and relatives, and are generally harassing you. Read on to find out more about your legal rights in this situation. We know there are a lot of people still coping from the great recession, and we’re here to help sort out that mess with the options that you have. Use this at your own discretion, and understand the potential pitfalls of going this route.

Dealing with Debt Collectors

Sometimes dealing with debt collectors just makes you want to scream.

Sometimes dealing with debt collectors just makes you want to scream.

Are you being harassed by debt collectors or other agencies? Well, we’re here to let you know your rights when dealing with these types of people, and how to avoid these situations in the future.

If you owe money to places such as mortgage companies, credit card agencies, or even for your student loans, there are options to help repay. You can get in writing from them and negotiate how to best settle your bills. Ultimately, it’s at their own discretion on how to settle your debt with them.

Sometimes this debt will be sent to an outside company which will reach out to you to try to collect as much as possible. City governments and credit card companies sell your debt for pennies on the dollar so they get some money, while the collection department pursues the rest of it hoping to make more than they shelled out. Knowing this information will allow you to be ahead of the game when negotiating, knowing you don’t necessarily have to pay back the ‘full amount’.

Some tips – Never give out your personal phone number (best bet would be to use a Google Voice Number) and never give out your checking information. This can cause endless harassment by calling you, and have them take out more money than they said they would. Using these tips you can save yourself some headache in the future.

If you did however give out your personal number, we know how shady these agents can be. Here are some legal tips to fight them. Warning: use these at your own discretion!

Fighting Debt Collectors

use this drop dead letter we created to tell collectors to stop contacting you!

Use this drop dead letter we created to tell collectors to stop contacting you!

Put simply, fill out and mail a “Drop Dead Letter” to the collection agency. This literally tells the collection firm to ‘drop dead’ and to stop contacting you. Thanks to the Debt Collection Fairness Act, you can legally notify an agency to stop contacting you. There are several negatives you should consider before doing so. The collection agency could be trying to contact you in how to save your home, for example if it was a bank that held the note and deed to your home. These companies can also choose to sue instead of working with you to repay, so use this in the most extreme cases, or if the debt collectors are rude and harassing.  Click on the above link to fill out our Drop Dead Letter we created for your use.

Submit A Complaint

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created in July of 2011, meant to help protect consumers with their financial issues. They have a form where you can submit a complaint if agencies still harasses you. After sending the above letter, it may even give you the ability to reach out to a lawyer and have them send a cease and desist letter, and you can pursue damages in small claims court for the violation. The link to the complaint form is here.

Sample Drop Dead Letter To Collection Agencies

You can use this sample drop dead letter when reaching out to collection agencies. Fill out your own name, date, and account number to send it. Don’t forget to get a “read receipt requested” by sending it via certified mail.

Be aware of the potential pitfalls and consequences of going this route, and we hope that you can get even with these debt collectors. Sorry this wasn’t a humorous way to get your revenge, but with thought we’d share this important and necessary information to our readers. In the future we will probably do one that is humorous to say telemarketers or slick snake oil salesmen, which you may certainly appropriate for use with these debt collectors. What ever you choose to do, we here at How To Revenge wish that you live a very pleasant life, and are able to get even when it counts. Until next time fellow readers!