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Yes, we all have those neighbors that stick their nose into places they don’t belong – get revenge on your neighbor today!

A Different Kinder Surprise – The Chocolate Dipped Easter Egg Prank

Chocolate covered eggs are an Easter Style delicacy around the world, ranging from the German “illegal in the United States” Kinder Surprise to the famous Cadbury egg – these dipped confections are an edible delight to children as well as adults each holiday season. What better than to prepare a sly ‘surprise’, but instead of a toy like the Kinder variety, you have something more sinister lurking under that delicious shell? Introducing our take on the Chocolate Dipped Egg Prank.

You know those Cadbury Creme Eggs? They are a chocolate covered, creamy filled center candy confection most commonly consumed around Easter? They sort of look like this:

Yellow and blue chocolate covered egg

Gooey & Ooey throughout, or so your victim will think

Well, we are going to take one of these chocolate dipped candies and completely defile it with something horrendous.

How To Make the Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Prank

This article is going to dive into how to turn a raw or hard-boiled egg into something that will mimic the Creme or Chocolate eggs you can buy around Easter time. As we’re publishing this article, this season is right around the corner. We guarantee you the Easter Bunny will be labelled a horrible prankster after you successfully pull this off.

What Ingredients You Need

The Chocolate Dipped Egg Prank is actually relatively simple to set up. You need to grab these ingredients and supplies before you begin:

1) Gloves (optional):

Gloves are used to clean up.

We apologize for this disgusting photo, it was the only one we had.

Gloves are not really necessary to complete this, but it definitely does help to keep things sanitary and stop you from getting dirty while making this disgusting candy to prank someone with.

2) Eggs:

Perfect Egg recipes

Eggs are very versatile, and mischievous.

Raw or Hard-boiled – your choice. We chose to do the raw egg for greatest effect, but you can opt for a hard-boiled one, so as to reduce the chances of your victim getting Salmonella poisoning. I mean, if you really want to hit them where it hurts, go for raw.

3) Chocolate:

Chocolate melting wafers

Delicious yummy chocolate

This variety is probably the best, in our opinion. It melts easy, has a wonderful sheen and final coat of the pranked egg.

4) Stove:


Stove style hot plate

This is a hot plate, and works just as well.

You’ll use your stove to heat up the two pots, also known as a double boiler which you’ll see below. Above is a ‘hot plate’ which is similar, but more compact.

5) Double Boiler:

Double boilers

Two pots on top of each other, same size!

A double boiler allows chocolate to heat up slowly to a set point and not burn. There’s a lot of sciency stuff behind it, but the basic component is a pot of boiling water underneath a mixing bowl. The water heats up only to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is it’s boiling point. The steam then heats up the mixing bowl which will hold your chocolate used to coat the egg.

6) Tongs:

red colored tongs

Like crab claws

The tongs will allow you to coat the egg effortlessly in the double boiler, without hurting yourself.

7) Wax Paper:

Logan wrap brand wax paper.

Any brand of wax paper will do.

For placing the eggs on after coated, prior to sticking them in the fridge to solidify.

8) Festive Foil or Cadbury Creme Eggs:

Cadbury Frozen Eggs

What sinister thing could be lurking underneath?

Foil works wonders if you get a variety in blue, however just using old and carefully removed authentic chocolate covered eggs that you rewrap can work wonders as well.

9) A Serving Plate:


festive plate for fiesta.

Pretty sure this isn’t an Easter style plate.

Not needed, but adding presentation allows you to execute this dastardly deed onto your expecting target. Preparation is 80% of the battle.

Making the Easter Egg Prank

The process is relatively simple and straightforward. You’ll want to gather your supplies from earlier on your workstation, and get ready to get dirty.

Step 1:

Take an egg or two out of the fridge and allow to warm up to room temperature for about an hour or so. This will allow it not to build up condensation on the outside of the shell when you immerse it into chocolate later.

Step 2:

Put your pot of water onto the stove, and heat it up over medium-high heat. Place the large mixing bowl on top of the water, in effect creating your double boiler.

Step 3:

Pour the chocolate wafers into the double-boiler, until fully melted.

Step 4:

Place your egg into the melted chocolate with the tongs. Fully coat all sides. You may want to repeat this process 2-3 times, resulting in an evenly coated chocolate egg shell.

Step 5:

Lay onto wax paper, and then place into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour, or until hard.

Step 6:

Wrap in your foil of choice, and prepare your prank to get your victim!

How to pull off the Prank!

What are you to do with it when once you’ve made it?? Here are a few ways to have this prank go down.

I. You can have an eating contest:

One especially naughty trick is to only make one nasty egg, and have a “who can eat a chocolate egg the fastest contest”. Let your mark scream in agony as they crunch down on the slimy insides of the egg.

II. You can leave it to be found:

Just leave it on the table with other treats. Easy enough, right?

III. Make it Spicy!

Add in some capsaicin for double the torture. Place it in with the melted chocolate prior to dipping!

IV. Just plain give it to them!

Most people will gladly accept a candy treat, especially around the holiday seasons. Place it on top of undesirable or less-desirable choices for better chance of them choosing it. If asked, play it off nonchalantly like it’s nothing, and you’re offering the last one to them. Don’t forget to film it!

What other thoughts do you have? Please comment below!

Buy A Dummy Camera To Fool Pranksters & Punks

Real cameras cost a lot of money. You could opt for this 4 channel security camera system for about $190. It has all the bells and whistles you need, from a DVR and cellphone accessible feed. There are four security cameras as well, so you can get full views from the exterior of your home. They include a DVR system, remote, power cord, andย  access via your computer. Check it out – doesn’t it look good?

4 channel security system

Don’t have that much money to spend, but still want to have the deterrent of an actual camera? Well, you’re in luck! Introducing the:

Dummy IR Bullet Camera

fake camera for pranks

And guess what? It’s only $12! What a steal – - Monoprice 108428 Dummy IR Bullet Camera with Flashing Red Activity LED (Black) - Wired Dummy Camera - Camera & Photo

This little thing can do wonders to deter potential threats. It will not record anything, so it really should only be used that way. If you have a real threat and are worried about someone bashing in your camera or breaking into your property, you should opt for the real thing. Having a dummy or fake camera can provide the added security of stopping those with lesser intent, or the casual bystander, but honestly – those who want to get in will. The old adage is, if there’s a will there will be a way, and if someone wishes to break into your valuables (home, car, etc), and whether it’s barbed wire and attack dogs stopping them, or the threat of being recorded on video, there will be nothing that can completely break their resolve.

Retail stores also use fake cameras for the same reason. When walking through a department store, check out the ceiling and count how many cameras there are. Do you think each one is real and being monitored? Most likely not. They’re a psychological trick to get people to act in a certain manner – just because they know they are being monitored.

Security cameras were developed primarily as ”closed circuit cameras” to broadcast their images to a set of monitors or to be recorded and viewed on something like a DVR, at the time probably VHS tapes. They were used to not only monitor traffic stops, but also stop theft in department and retail stores as well. The funny fact of the matter is, much of these cameras are also fake! That’s right, every camera that you see may NOT be operational! While being knowingly monitored, human beings will act in a different way. It will not stop the most persistent or desperate thief, but having the potential reduced is an overall cost savings for department stores and over cash registers as well.

Even if you do have cameras, people can still wear masks or use spray paint to obfuscate the view of the lens, or even take something such as a crowbar to it. Do you really want to be out hundreds of dollars for losing one camera? Didn’t think so. To fool pranksters and punks, just having a fake camera works wonders. And for a little humor, we found this image of a thief being caught on camera.

the moment a thief notices the camera


And if you really want to be secure in your recording of thieves – get the

Dropcam Wifi CameraThis camera is what the above GIF recorded. You can sleep safe and sound knowing that your video will be uploaded automatically online, and your valuables will be safe. Happy recording (or Fake Recording)!

Fun With Saran Wrap Pranks

So there is this product called Saran wrap. It is typically used to save leftovers from your relatives or that annoying neighbor, or to stop pesky flies from getting all over your food. It’s tough, it peels and sticks, it stretches – so why not have better uses for it than just food? This sticky stuff can be used to make some awesome cling wrap pranks. Use caution with the following ideas, as some of this might end up with some awesome and hilarious results.

If you want to buy some, go for a name brand, as our experience with generic is less than stellar. They typically come in packages that look something a little like this:

Saran Wrap Prank

Notice the square shaped box? Well, it also hides a little blade to help sever the product from the roll. Be careful, as this sometimes can come loose and cause harm to you, the pranker!

Without further ado, here are the Saran Wrap Pranks!

I. Saran Wrap A Car:

(with other objects)

saran wrap a car

The first prank is one to pull on a victim’s vehicle. It’s easy to do. Take the roll out of the box and discard in a rubbish bin. You’ll use the whole roll for this one. Wrap tightly around the vehicle in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner. Be sure to start at the bottom and work your way up. Also, you’ll want to ensure a tight seal from where the door begins to open at the bottom, and end with it at the top. If you do this effectively, you’ll have a door that will be almost impossible to open without the use of a knife or scissors. And since the box was thrown away (or recycled), your victim will have no choice but to try to saw through it with their keys. You can even attach it with other objects, such as shopping carts, trees, or balloons. Watch from a safe distance -and record their reaction, if possible.

II. Saran Wrap A Walkway/Hallway:

Since Saran wrap is pretty see through, it can be used as an effective blocking mechanism that people do not see coming. Best places to put it are at around face level so you can get pictures like this:

Looks like she didn't see this one coming..

Looks like she didn’t see this one coming..

Check out the video below to see some of a compilation of the wrapping material blocking people dead in their tracks. It helps if you can also get them to have a running start..

Don’t forget, that animals can fall for this too. Place it in a dog door, a hallway your roommate’s evil cat always walks through, or other places that are “high traffic areas” for people and animals. This one get’s the best results

III. Saran Wrap Toilet Seat:

The third prank to pull with this clingy film is to line the top most section of a toilet with the wrap.

As you see in the video above, cling wrap is pretty see through once pulled tightly enough fooling someone even if they do look before they squat. It is more effective for those who sit however, so sorry to those who do have to squat to pee.

IV. Saran Wrap a person:

looks like he's not going anywhere for a while

looks like he’s not going anywhere for a while

This setup will require you to recruit the help of some volunteers. This prank is much better to pull than using, say – Duct Tape – since that hurts to get off. The good thing is that a few layers of saran wrap can tightly bound even some of the strongest people. You can Saran Wrap them on beds, saran wrap them to chairs, or any other object such as two or more people together! Best thing though is to just bound their arms to their sides, and get their legs. Watch them scurry along like a catapiller for help. You can even use the duct tape you saved to slap it over their mouth so you’ll only hear muffled pity and not their screaming and hollering for help.

What other uses are there for Saran Wrap? Contact us or send us your comments below!

Evil Ghost Eyes Prank

glowstick revenge prank

This evil eyes ghost prank is perfect for all hallows eve, or any night for that matter. What it is is basically toilet paper rolls with cut out eye sockets, where you can place glowsticks in the roll. In the night, the light from the cracked glowstick will have an eerily haunting glow through the cut out paper roll causing any passer by to freak out. It’s simple to set up, and should be a fun activity for your friends to do one night.

What is needed for this prank:

I. Scissors

scissors for making pranks with

Any type of scissors will do. We like these type because they are cheap and sturdy.

II. Glowsticks

glowsticks for prank revenge

Any type really works, but we prefer the large candle-stick size glowsticks for the best results.

III. Toilet Paper Rolls

toilet paper rolls for prank

You can either use toilet paper or paper towels, but we found the size and ease of working with toilet paper the best for this prank. Also, the toilet paper can be used for a harmless prank known as teepeeing – where you throw the paper over some evil person’s house.

How to make this prank happen:

First, you’ll want to use all that toilet paper. May we suggest going out and teepeeing your neighborhood? How sinister! Now remember, save all the empty and used rolls for use in this scare prank. Now that you have your toilet paper rolls, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Take your industrial strength scissors and cut along one side of the cardboard on the roll. You can make shapes such as ovals, or tilted triangle for a more ‘evil’ eyes.

When you are ready, you can crack the glow stick to prime it. Give it a few shakes so the chemical reaction can get started. To make sure that the glow sticks don’t fall out during the night (say, due to wind), you can even use some masking tape on the sides of paper towel roll.

You can even getย  string to tie a loop around the roll, to throw it up or tie around fences or trees for better results.

Where to place the evil eyes prank product:

The best places we found have been on wire fences, high up in trees looking into your victims bedrooms, off in the corner of dark garages or rooms, and directly outside sliding glass doors.

You might want to include this eviltron gadget, so that it can make spooky noises and enhance your scare!

Go out and have fun, let us know how it goes, and record it if you can! Please write us in the comments about your thoughts!

The whistles go woo prank!

Introducing the Trick Exhaust Whistle Prank

The thing is, why would anyone want a whistle tip? We’re actually assuming more often than not that people would prefer to have their cars NOT make that noise, which is why this is the perfect prank to pull on unsuspecting victims. It’s definitely a better alternative than shoving a potato up someones exhaust to try and disable their car, because this one is a cause of embarrassment! Do you have that guy in the neighborhood with that manly muscle car? How about that rabble rabble of a motorcycle of that you prefer not to listen to? You can add a whistle tip to these vehicles, and more that you can think of! It adds some excitement as well as humor to the always annoying and sometimes deafening noise that exhaust pipes can make. Go get revenge on your neighbor. Silently add these to your victim’s tailpipe under the cover of darkness, or in midday if you are brave enough. Sit back and enjoy, or record the results for even better laughs for days on end. If you end up posting it to YouTube, we’ll add your video here!

Here’s a funny YouTube clip of a phenomenon that started with this video, which was a news report of the recent rise of these accessories that started in Oakland:

Which was then remixed to multiple other videos & songs, as the video went viral such as this one:

Adding in the added harassment and embarrassment, this is one cool prank to pull on your neighbors, the elderly, or the “cool” kid down that block. Go out and get one today. Let us know your thoughts and enjoy the fun with this revenge prank ๐Ÿ™‚

You can grab yours from amazon here:

car muffler exhaust prank

Prank Boxes – Sending not so discreet revenge packages

By popular demand, we’re blogging about some of our prank boxes that you can send to your enemies. These things are great, from hiding your ‘TRUE’ gift, these gag gifts look like they contain things like “Large Family Blankeez” or “A Pet Petter” for the lazy asshole in us all. Your victim will get a surprise when they open these! Surprisingly too, they are affordable to the general population! Priced under $10.00, they are the perfect “gift-wrapping” to make someone’s face drop. Couple this with things like revenge letters for a hilariously good payback prank.

Prank Packs

You know, even if you don’t want to buy one of these ones – there is also the ability to make your own. There can easily be done by just grabbing a blank cardboard box, slap on images of dildos or a fleshlight plastered all over the sides. Anything that most people like to purchase “discreetly”. If you know they have bladder problems, then things like adult diapers works well too. We suggest that you Google around for those images, and just use a printer to make a few copies and words in BOLD type. Add tape to the package, and Voila! You have the perfect homemade revenge package to drop off or send to your nemesis.

Send them that gift filled with something like ladybugs or a revenge letter. It’s super effective at offices with coworkers, nursing homes for the elderly, and especially the dormitories at college campuses with public mail-rooms. Imagine seeing in printed bold type from the side of a Postal Box “WARNING: CONTAINS LARGE BLACK DILDOS”. Yeah, the victim is going to be very much embarrassed. The box can even be empty – your possibilities are endless! You could always be mean, and include a letter or even sending nasty gifts like ladybugs, fake puke, or even poop. Lastly, you could order those male enhancement pills from those late night infomercials. Send it off to their house, dorm, or work. If they are away at college, might as well send it home so their parents will just forward it along with the rest of their shipments.

So those are your options. You can make one yourself, easily with paper, tape and a printer. Ideas for those are adult diapers, dildos, condoms, sex toys, and the really hurtful things to screw over an enemy. Also, read after the jump for all the different types that we offer – which to be completely honest are more funny and harmless then they are revenge-worthy, but get the job done. Lastly, you can fill them up with a nice gift, or you can be villainous and send them things like male enhancement pills, dildos, bugs, puke, or even poop! Yeah, it’s not nice – but it’s for your vengeance so it’s well worth it.

Revengers, what would you do for a prank box in terms of the type of package you would send, and what sort of items would you put in there? We know that it’s great for birthdays, holiday seasons such as Christmas or Hanukkah, and anytime you want to get even. We look forward to your suggestions. Now, without further ado – here are our prank boxes!

The Crib Dribbler

Crib Dribbler Revenge Box

FANtastic Redecoration – Glitter Prank Revenge Idea

shit glitter pills - expensive revenge

Oh, no.. Oh YES!

Glitter, aka the “Herpes of Craft Supplies” is one HELL of a mess to clean up. It finds itself in every little crevice imaginable, and stays there until cleaned up. Problem is, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. Here is a prank that will leave your victim finding Glitter over the next couple of years.


Really, all you need is to find a craft store that sells glitter, access to your victims location, and your nemesis to have a fan. That’s it.
Fantastic Redecoration Prank


The Set Up

Basically all you really need is a fan, and some glitter. Pour a large or small amount on top of the fan. Be careful if the fan has a tilted section, because you don’t want to set off your target and let them know about the prank before it happens. Once everything is set up, turn off the lights, and close the door. Hopefully the mark will be the next one to come in. This is probably why it’s better to do it in their bedroom, during warm afternoons like the summer days we’re currently facing.

Glitter Revenge Prank

This prank works best in hotter climates, and during the hot season. Basically, as long as they walk in there and are able to spread love and joy by turning on the fan, that’s what you’re after. While it may be difficult during the winter, or if you live in a place that rains most of the time, well – don’t know how to assist you there. But, we hope that this prank helped you out a little bit to learn from, and hopefully get even on a bad roommate or coworker ๐Ÿ™‚

Other Uses for Glitter

Didn’t put all your glitter up on that Fan, did you? That’s alright, here are a couple more ways to use glitter – Throwing a little Glitter in the pockets your enemies jeans (especially right before they throw them in the washer). Its like a pretty FABULOUS disaster every time they pull something out of their pockets. It takes forever to go away. Heinous, but great revenge prank. We haven’t tried placing it in laundry detergent, but we think that your victim will be able to sniff out your dastardly deed before it is done. Also, you can try and fill some in a balloon, blow it up and set it in their room. If you have a dog that loves to bite balloons, then you’re pretty much set. Just set it up, let the pup in, and you’re golden (retriever).

Don’t Forget

There are more things to put on top of fans as well. You can try flour, water, or even mounds of rice to make it more fun!

Lastly, you can take those little holes of paper from a hole puncher and put them on top of the ceiling fan blades. Just wait for your unknowing victim to turn on that ceiling fan. Instant snow, in the Summer. That should brighten their day up a little bit! ๐Ÿ˜› Have fun, be safe, and get your payback!