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K2 Unlimited Content – SEO Tips & Tricks Spam

We’re a prank and revenge site. We care about bringing high quality articles based on products and pranks to pull on family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and roommates. We routinely get spam comments on our articles, which is why we moderate them. Today, we got something different.

K2 SEO spam

Comments - k2 Ulimited Content

Captured in the above screengrab is just a few of the comments our website has received. Let me tell you blog owners and webmasters of the world wide web, this is NOT something you want to be associated with. If they are spamming you with comments, do you think they are the authority on the subject? I think not.

I decided to Google the K2 Unlimited Content string, and this is what I found:

k2 unlimited content - Google Search

I decided to check out their link, and see what it was about. The link is about “never paying for content ever again.” What does that even mean? Basically, what they are doing is they wrote an article and are acting as an affiliate for some program known as WordAI. Well, let’s see what WordAI is..

What is WordAI

what is wordai - Google Search

So, WordAI is an article spinner. What is an article spinner? It’s just a way to take something already written, and use an algorithm to match like to like words to create ‘new and unique content’. You might even see some comment spam which uses a word spinner to create unique comments!

I’m sorry. Just no. Our content is high quality and we would NEVER spin articles. It comes solely from the mind of our writers, and is displayed for your viewing pleasure. We would never use this ‘article spinner’ to make clearly unreadable articles. Hell, Google doesn’t even like that sort of stuff. It’s SPAM and we HATE spam.

You think that Google’s algorithm isn’t intelligent enough to notice these spam articles? Maybe not now, but I guarantee you in the coming years it will be plainly obvious to our search overlords what is spam and what isn’t. Stay far away from this K2 spammer, and you will be better off in the long run.

We normally don’t write articles about this sort of thing, but our team got pissed off enough to do something about it. Our goal with this article is that it will assist others who might be duped by these shady practices. We aim to provide the best resource for those who want to get revenge, so this is all you will hear about it from our end (maybe, or maybe we’ll update with some juicy stories!) – but we hope that we are achieving that aim by writing this article. Back to your regularly scheduled programming (and prank and revenge articles!).