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Fake Bullet Holes Product Review

We’re going to be completely honest here – fake bullet holes are pretty darn lame looking. Plastic covering with silver and black paint definitely do NOT look realistic. Don’t believe us? See the image below:

Fake Bullet Holes

fake bullet holes on car revenge product

Non realistic looking car bullet holes.

Do you really want these actually fake looking things on your own ride? Well, it might be cook to buy and put on someone else’s car or bike, but we’ll leave that up to you.

You can purchase them anywhere from $2 up to $12, with the average price around $5. This is a solid deal, and they can be found in a metallic version for use on cars, or glass version for use on windows. The ones that we have come across when we bought a few don’t look realistic at all, and honestly, unless you live in the ghetto will you have to worry about getting your car shot up. Actually, if you live in America, it’s a real occurrence you might have to be wary of. Places like New Jersey, Oakland, and Texas will have real bullet holes lining people’s car doors. Other than that, you’ll probably look like someone trying to fake something that you’re not. On the other hand, you might be able to fake out someone who really lives in the ghetto and might get their car shot up – which is kinda funny if you ask us. It can be an option that you have to consider on your own.

During our search for the best fake bullet holes, we did come across these bullet hole temporary tattoos:

fake tattoo bullet holes

these fake temporary bullet hole tattoos look pretty neat.

They’re actually a prosthetic attachment you can use if you want to prank someone while you are dressed up for Halloween, or just want to give a scare to a loved one while you’re at it. Use some fake blood, get a ruined t-shirt and rip some holes into it, add the blood to the shirt and ground, and around your lip, and await for your roommate or significant other to come home and find you there after a false ‘home invasion’. Scare the living daylights out of them. You can also have a fake gun at the scene of the crime, like you just “had enough” and decided to take it out with yourself. It’s a much safer way than doing the real thing, and you can remove the stickers – not real bullets.

In terms of whether or not you should buy fake bullet holes or not, they can be added to stocking-stuffers or for a unique birthday gift. They look great when attached as a prosthetic in the image above, or on some car. You can buy them here:

Buy Fake Bullet Holes.

Our verdict? They’re cheap, and not so much of a waste of money for the novelty. Just don’t have this be the end all be all gift for someone. Think of it more like a side dish to a entree plate. It’s a product that can compliment a prank or gift for someone.

The whistles go woo prank!

Introducing the Trick Exhaust Whistle Prank

The thing is, why would anyone want a whistle tip? We’re actually assuming more often than not that people would prefer to have their cars NOT make that noise, which is why this is the perfect prank to pull on unsuspecting victims. It’s definitely a better alternative than shoving a potato up someones exhaust to try and disable their car, because this one is a cause of embarrassment! Do you have that guy in the neighborhood with that manly muscle car? How about that rabble rabble of a motorcycle of that you prefer not to listen to? You can add a whistle tip to these vehicles, and more that you can think of! It adds some excitement as well as humor to the always annoying and sometimes deafening noise that exhaust pipes can make. Go get revenge on your neighbor. Silently add these to your victim’s tailpipe under the cover of darkness, or in midday if you are brave enough. Sit back and enjoy, or record the results for even better laughs for days on end. If you end up posting it to YouTube, we’ll add your video here!

Here’s a funny YouTube clip of a phenomenon that started with this video, which was a news report of the recent rise of these accessories that started in Oakland:

Which was then remixed to multiple other videos & songs, as the video went viral such as this one:

Adding in the added harassment and embarrassment, this is one cool prank to pull on your neighbors, the elderly, or the “cool” kid down that block. Go out and get one today. Let us know your thoughts and enjoy the fun with this revenge prank 🙂

You can grab yours from amazon here:

car muffler exhaust prank