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Vampire Drink Blood Product Review

Since we have been working on a post to describe how to make your own fake blood, we decided to check out a vampire fake blood product we found in our search. This is the three pack below:

Blood Energy Potion pack for vampire

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like one of the characters out of your favorite vampire movie or TV show, this product is for you. You watch walking dead, true blood, blade, or even twilight? Ever wondered what blood tasted like? Want to live like your favorite characters, actors, or actresses? Well then go out and try these!

Great as party favors or gag gifts for Halloween and themed parties, such as premieres of your favorite TV show. Sit around and crack open one of the pouches to feast on the luscious viscosity. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the full experience and enjoy the heck out of the show, and it’s also a great conversation starter!

For added realistic taste and texture, you can try the Blood Potion warm. You can heat it up right before serving, and enjoy it closer to the temperature of the real thing. The instructions on how to do so are right on the back of the pouch, so you can’t do it wrong. You’ll realize why blood has such an alluring quality to it. The Hawaiian Punch flavor also gives it a nice sweetness.

Drink This Vampire Blood Potion

It claims to contain the makeup of real blood, with hints of iron, caffeine, protein, and certain electrolytes, with a touch of fruity punch as well. If you’re ever nicked yourself and tasted your blood and enjoy it, we believe you will certainly love this product. Each bag contains 3.4 fluid ounces of the 4 hour energizing thick syrup.

vampire blood fruit punch

Not only for those of you who have a fetish for the taste of blood, this flavorful substitute was made without harming a living being. And the kicker is that it is like an energy drink, very similar to how blood gives vampires their life sustaining properties. Not only that, but the consistency of real blood is there as well!

If anything, this awesome packaging of the product can look pretty convincing hanging in a refrigerator. Ask your friend over to grab you a drink from the cooler, and watch them stumble back in surprise of what they’ll find!

The novelty of this product won’t wear off, so time and time again you can find new uses for it. Go out in public, pull open a pouch, and enjoy in full view of everyone. If you hear shrieks or screams as people sprint away from you – rest assured knowing it was YOU who freaked them out.

Oh, and it’s garlic free. Don’t be dumb and use it in place of real blood – it’s not meant for transfusions or anything of that sort. People’s blood definitely isn’t for drinking, but this product is. So enjoy!

You could probably even add something like this fake heart prank product to serve up an even more terrifying treat!

fake heart prank productHave fun, and be sure to comment below!

Revenge Product Prank Review – Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass Review

We’d like to introduce the Revenge Nation to something deadly good. This right here is the fart spray to destroy all the other fart sprays out there – when we reviewed Liquid Ass our office had to be evacuated for the rest of the day. We did NOT realize that it was this powerful. If you want to learn how to clear out a room, read on and put the product to the test!

Liquid ass is probably the most vile fart sprays ever created. We spoke with the owners & developers, and while they wouldn’t tell us where they make it or how, we believe it must be created in a toxic wasteground with a few septic tanks thrown in for good measure, added in a few rotting carcasses of duck billed platapusses to top it off, then finally a heaping bag full of some 10 year old gym socks that have been festering and growing slimy mold for that many years under the bed of a hoarder. Now with that picture in your mind, this is even MORE foul smelling! Spray a few drops and squirts, and Liquid Ass will clear a room. We’ve even heard stories of people throwing up a little in their mouth from the smell. Yes, it IS that bad. And no, you won’t be disappointed with it.

What is awesome about liquid ass is that there are two different types of spray tips given to you to choose from. You can either opt for the “ass mister” or the “streaming tip” – and both are equally as effective spreading the nasal offending odors and smells of this fantastic revenge product. The Ass Mister is a spray, allowing you to cover more surface area with fine misty droplets of nose tantalizing stank. Or, you can go the Streaming Tip route, and be able to drench a certain area with gut wrenching foulness that lasts for a long time. The choice ultimately is yours, but we prefer the Ass Mister only because the spray is super effective in punching out the meanest power punch. One spray is usually enough, but it’s the perfect tactic to spread along a whole day worth of pungent destruction upon your enemies.

Check out this video:

The action starts at 0:59.

You can pick up your very own here, in several different varieties to suit your needs:

Also, try and add it with this to make realistic set that doesn’t really have to gross you out:

Rain down your vengence upon your exboyfriend, girlfriend or boss. There are single bottles, for that covert operation, or if you prefer – buy the 6 pack to stock up on the disgusting. Used sparingly, a bottle is more than enough if you ask us. This is best placed in closed environments: things like elevators, office rooms, school classrooms, cars, and more. We’re sure you can come up with some awesome pranks as well. We look forward to seeing your tactics!

We would love to hear and see what our Revenge Readers are doing with their liquid ass. Pick some up today from here and let us know what you’re doing with them!

Horse Head Revenge Prank

Yes, this crazy phenomenon is still going on. Why do you ask? We don’t know.

You can find the horse heads here:

Horse Head Masks On Amazon

And now, some pictures in action – You can check out our gallery on imgur here:

What do you think you can do with these horse heads? Use them to scare the daylights out of your enemies!

For some reason unknown to us, horse head masks have become a phenomenon on the internet. Please don’t hesitate to send us your picture of you using the horse head mask for pranks or getting revenge on someone. These can be put on dogs, on top of fake bodies, or hidden underneath covers and sheets to scare the living daylights out of your nemesis. We still don’t understand the attraction that some people have towards wearing these head masks, when we find that clowns are much more frightening, however we will go with the flow and what our users suggest to us. Please don’t hesitate to use our contact form and give us advice and feedback on how to get revenge with these crazy products. We’ll add it on our facebook group and into our album if yours is crazy enough!

We love a good prank and scare tactic, and could always use your help. Do you live on a farm or in the city? Either way, much like the Godfather movie with the real horse – We at HowTo:Revenge are sure to see some interesting revenge with this product.