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Why we do what we do here?

We’ve had a few questions about who we are here at How To Revenge, and wanted to discuss why we do what we do, and where we are going from here. First, we’ll start off with our backstory, and how we conceived of this idea. From there, we’ll look out onto the horizon and see what’s next for us in our evolution. We are extremely ecstatic on the recent turn of events and the opportunities presented to us, so we have written this post just for you. Without much further to do, here’s how we conceived of the idea.

How It All Began

hooligan - vandal

When we first started the site our freshman year of college many many moons ago, we were but a team of reckless roommates causing destruction and mayhem to each other and anybody unfortunate enough to get the way. This started out with a simple water balloon launcher on rooftops, which ultimately ended up launching fruit at random passersby. Fire extinguishers were stolen, filled with paint, and released on unsuspecting victims dousing vehicles and clothes with black liquid ink. Fire sprinkler systems were broken, causing the flooding of buildings. Supersoakers were filled with urine and sprayed. Dog poop was thrown and smeared all over people’s belongings. And salt was poured on lawns drawing out interesting shapes. Fist fights broke out. Too much mayhem, and not enough love going around. Some of the original clan even ended up spending nights in the county jail. That was no fun.

After one upping each other one too many times, the pranks got downright dirty. Friendships were lost and lifelong enemies were born that year. After a few too many beers one night, and much searching online, this site was born. Most of us still remain friends to this day. Some stay as arch-Nemeses. (really, it’s their loss). We try not to associate ourselves with those who take fondly to destruction of peoples property, but it happened.

stupid dumb pranks on statues

From that fateful night forward, we figured why not bring our knowledge to the world, and teach others exactly what we know. And what we know is how to exact vengeance. We’ve slowly added articles to the site of freshly written content that we felt was lacking around the world, and unable to find anywhere online. We are now ready to move onto the next step of our grand plan! We hope you’ll stay tuned!

Most of our articles and pranks are meant to be done in good nature, fun, and cheap to do. We also hope to bring relatively new information to you, like how capsaicin works or what borax is. We would never advocate actually hurting someone, and think those of you that do have sociopathic tendencies and need to get some serious help. Honestly, this is the quote that we live by:

“Living well is the best revenge, for everything else

We have since grown from our Juvenile tendencies, but still love teaching and informing everyone online about the wide range of pranks that are out there. This site is grown beyond our wildest imaginations and we now realize that the sky truly isn’t the limit, there’s so much more to do. We’re constantly going through our messages and resources and are excited to see how much more we can do.

What’s in store for the future at How To Revenge?

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand-new YouTube Channel, where we will be bringing informative and entertaining video content to the world. We haven’t released too much just yet, but we will tell you that we’ll be having a mascot who will be our host. Were currently going to release dozens of videos over the course of next couple months, and we kindly ask you to subscribe now and prepare for awesomeness!

We’re also looking forward to our partnership with several Internet retailers to bring our high quality standards of products delivered to you on time, and under budget. We have selected just a few that are reliable and that we can confidently assure will be the best prank product possible.

You can check out one such store here, with others still in the works.:

Our Zazzle How To Get Revenge Store

How_to_get_revenge - Store

This store will be filled with prank greeting cards, posters, business card packs, bumper stickers, and much much more. We have a team of designers feverishly working on getting out the best and most asked for products as soon as possible. Have a suggestion for a product we haven’t offered yet? Drop us a note in our contact form!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, we hope that you are just so excited about the future as we are. You’ll want to check back often, so please rate, subscribe, share, like, and comment – find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Until next time, happy pranking folks 🙂

Speech Jammer Prank Review

Speech Jammer Revenge Prank

Speech Jammer Gun – How It Works

I’m sure we’ve all seen the gun review by the guy who had a speech jammer plugged into his ear. If not, check out the video below:

In the video, he used this app with a little bit of tweaking:

Speech Zapper for iTunes

How it works:

Basically, the device works by playing back your own voice at intervals which confuse your auditory system. Hearing your own voice at different frequencies confuses your brain, and is hard to continue talking in the correct tone or even altogether. Hard to speak when you can’t hear yourself. If you want to do it on yourself, using noise cancelling headphones is best.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any that are for sale. So, how can we get one? Well, you can always..

Build your own.

What you’ll need.

1) A Directional Microphone:

2) Software for the PC:

Speech Jammer for PC. This is the software that will modulate your voice to confuse your brain.

This is from the creators of the first speech jammer, which was made in Japan. They have given out a free software version that you can use on your PC.

3) A Directional Speaker.

The Sound Lazer

For $275, you can buy the sound lazer for your device. We haven’t acquired ours yet, but will be updating this post as soon as we get ours.

4) A Raspberry Pi

This device is the “brains” of your Speech Jammer. It will run the software and connect the directional speaker to the microphone.

Lastly, check out this hilarious video of it being used…

Revenge Product Prank Review – Pee Puck Revenge

Not sure if you guys know what the double-decker poop payback prank is by now, but it’s were you take a dump in the upper portion of the toilet – you know the part where it helps the water release from. Well, this is a variation on that technique, but instead by making the water turn yellow for days at a time. Best part about it? You don’t even have to do the peeing yourself. You plop open the top, do a quick drop, and then forget about it – while it works it’s magic for days at a time on your unsuspecting victims. Read on for more information about this amazing revenge product review!

Introducing The Pee Puck – A Fake Pee Gag Gift. When you pick them up, they come in packs of two like seen below. Put one in at a time in 2 different toilets, use them both at once to create a darker coffee drank yellow, or use them one after another for an elongated pee toilet revenge.

This product also reminds me of another one when I was a little kid. We reached out to the creators, and they mentioned that it was their initial inspiration. My parents would put these small blue and white pucks at the top of the toilet, where it turned the water in it a dark shade of blue for days. Supposedly, this was to help “clean” the toilet, but little ol’ me and something else in mind. It was hilarious peeing into the bowl and turning water a nice shade of sickly green. Oh, the nostalgia. Anyways, back to the point – the pee puck can be used as a revenge technique because they will be confused as to why their water is always yellow! Think about it. You flush and flush, and it seems that the water still stays yellow. This technique especially works on the elderly, and those not of clear & sane mind. More power to make them more insane, if you ask us! Got a douchebag stoner roommate who never flushes? Now he’ll have the same problem every time.

I hate when my roommates don’t flush, in fact, so does one of our readers who was kind enough to submit this image:



See, he hated that his roommate didn’t flush and needed to do something about it. Well, in truth, he might have been actually using the pee puck! This can have your housemates blaming each other for not using the restroom properly, while you sit back and enjoy the hilarity that ensues. Want to get your brother in trouble? Plop one in his toilet, and let your mom find out about his forgetful ways. Whoops!

Best part? They’re cheap, and you can swoop up some from Amazon right here:

Pee Puck Revenge

Horse Head Revenge Prank

Yes, this crazy phenomenon is still going on. Why do you ask? We don’t know.

You can find the horse heads here:

Horse Head Masks On Amazon

And now, some pictures in action – You can check out our gallery on imgur here:

What do you think you can do with these horse heads? Use them to scare the daylights out of your enemies!

For some reason unknown to us, horse head masks have become a phenomenon on the internet. Please don’t hesitate to send us your picture of you using the horse head mask for pranks or getting revenge on someone. These can be put on dogs, on top of fake bodies, or hidden underneath covers and sheets to scare the living daylights out of your nemesis. We still don’t understand the attraction that some people have towards wearing these head masks, when we find that clowns are much more frightening, however we will go with the flow and what our users suggest to us. Please don’t hesitate to use our contact form and give us advice and feedback on how to get revenge with these crazy products. We’ll add it on our facebook group and into our album if yours is crazy enough!

We love a good prank and scare tactic, and could always use your help. Do you live on a farm or in the city? Either way, much like the Godfather movie with the real horse – We at HowTo:Revenge are sure to see some interesting revenge with this product.

How To Revenge – We Are Now Back Up!

Thanks for the long wait as we migrated our servers to speed up and updat our site. You’ll find that we’ll constantly update our blog with new posts constantly over at the revenge articles section. We have also decided to use amazon affiliates to link to you products that might be of interest to you to get revenge on your boss, coworker, exlover, neighbor, sibling, or any other enemy you have – and wont have to deal with any pesky text ads or banner ads which really are a mess. Most of our pranks are kid friendly and for your enjoyment, but keep in mind the legality of your individual government laws that affect you. We will try to provide adequate warning for any post that we deem to be walking the line, but hope that you exercise caution and your judgement in each case. Some of the products we’ll showcase as well as the stories we share could potentially be dangerous and illegal. We hope that by educating you about others’ wrong doings or mishaps, our readers will not make the same mistakes as well.  At the same time, some of you out there might get a twisted satisfaction through that outlet – and if by sharing some of these things with you, we hope that we can end the pain felt around the world.

On the blog you will find many different types of posts – from prank product reviews, our funny stories of revenge, and of course the contact form where you can tell us your story! Heck, we might even post it up on our blog and give you credit (as a stash of good stuff!). Only by sharing your stories, will you be able to achieve true revenge. That’s probably a bold faced lie, but we’d love to hear how you got even or paybacked a wrongdoer in your life. We value your feedback here at HowToRevenge, and constantly strive to be the #1 source for your pranks and revenge tactics. If you have a story to share, a product to review or suggest, or want to say hi, please use the revenge contact form Thanks for your assistance and readership, and we won’t do you wrong (like you might want to do to others :P)

As always, remember “Living well is the best Revenge – but for everything else there is How To Revenge”. Our posts will be for your enjoyment and entertainment purposes only. We do not condone or wish harm on anyone, and neither should you. With that much said, on with the show!