Horse Head Revenge Prank

Yes, this crazy phenomenon is still going on. Why do you ask? We don’t know.

You can find the horse heads here:

Horse Head Masks On Amazon

And now, some pictures in action – You can check out our gallery on imgur here:

What do you think you can do with these horse heads? Use them to scare the daylights out of your enemies!

For some reason unknown to us, horse head masks have become a phenomenon on the internet. Please don’t hesitate to send us your picture of you using the horse head mask for pranks or getting revenge on someone. These can be put on dogs, on top of fake bodies, or hidden underneath covers and sheets to scare the living daylights out of your nemesis. We still don’t understand the attraction that some people have towards wearing these head masks, when we find that clowns are much more frightening, however we will go with the flow and what our users suggest to us. Please don’t hesitate to use our contact form and give us advice and feedback on how to get revenge with these crazy products. We’ll add it on our facebook group and into our album if yours is crazy enough!

We love a good prank and scare tactic, and could always use your help. Do you live on a farm or in the city? Either way, much like the Godfather movie with the real horse – We at HowTo:Revenge are sure to see some interesting revenge with this product.

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