How To Revenge – We Are Now Back Up!

Thanks for the long wait as we migrated our servers to speed up and updat our site. You’ll find that we’ll constantly update our blog with new posts constantly over at the revenge articles section. We have also decided to use amazon affiliates to link to you products that might be of interest to you to get revenge on your boss, coworker, exlover, neighbor, sibling, or any other enemy you have – and wont have to deal with any pesky text ads or banner ads which really are a mess. Most of our pranks are kid friendly and for your enjoyment, but keep in mind the legality of your individual government laws that affect you. We will try to provide adequate warning for any post that we deem to be walking the line, but hope that you exercise caution and your judgement in each case. Some of the products we’ll showcase as well as the stories we share could potentially be dangerous and illegal. We hope that by educating you about others’ wrong doings or mishaps, our readers will not make the same mistakes as well.  At the same time, some of you out there might get a twisted satisfaction through that outlet – and if by sharing some of these things with you, we hope that we can end the pain felt around the world.

On the blog you will find many different types of posts – from prank product reviews, our funny stories of revenge, and of course the contact form where you can tell us your story! Heck, we might even post it up on our blog and give you credit (as a stash of good stuff!). Only by sharing your stories, will you be able to achieve true revenge. That’s probably a bold faced lie, but we’d love to hear how you got even or paybacked a wrongdoer in your life. We value your feedback here at HowToRevenge, and constantly strive to be the #1 source for your pranks and revenge tactics. If you have a story to share, a product to review or suggest, or want to say hi, please use the revenge contact form Thanks for your assistance and readership, and we won’t do you wrong (like you might want to do to others :P)

As always, remember “Living well is the best Revenge – but for everything else there is How To Revenge”. Our posts will be for your enjoyment and entertainment purposes only. We do not condone or wish harm on anyone, and neither should you. With that much said, on with the show!

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