How To Make A Stink Bomb

Are you interested in how to make a stink bomb? Well, if so, look no further. We present the most widely used process and materials to make a stink bomb.

Ever bought one of these stink bombs before? If you look inside, you will find how they make the stench of a thousand buttholes.

glass commercial stink bomb

Glass-style commercial stink bombs!

Most stink bombs are created with either Hydrogen Sulfide or Ammonium Sulfide. Sulfur is the main chemical that gives propane gas, commercial stink bombs, and even rotten eggs their stinkiness. It can be found naturally occurring around volcanic active areas, and is a necessary element needed for human health. Hydrogen sulfide is slightly toxic, however, and should be used with caution. You’re in luck because our first prank product is made out of the Ammonium Sulfide style stench, which is a less toxic product (but still an irritant) than the hydrogen sulfide.

Onto how we make a liquid stench similar to liquid ass, and safer than the glass holding stink bombs.

Needed for this version of the prank product – you’ll need to purchase or gather Ammonia, Matches (or sulfur, if you can get it), a Plastic Bottle or other capped container, and some Scissors.

Stink Bomb Recipe


I. Ammonia

Use caution, this stuff can be dangerous!

Use caution, this stuff can be dangerous!

Ammonia is a pungent smelling gas with the chemical compound of NH3. When dissolved in water, it is known as ammonium hydroxide.  It is part of the chemical that creates the reaction to make ammonium sulfate (the stinky liquid smell).

IIa. Matches

These plain white matchbooks are the type that you want.

These plain white matchbooks are the type that you want.

Match heads are made out of a mixture of phosphorus and potassium chlorate. When struck on the friction pad, they cause a mixing reaction to ignite the head. You’ll only need one book of matches to complete this stink bomb. This is where you get some of the sulfur from.


IIb. Sulfur

Sulfur is this yellow looking powder, this one is food grade

Sulfur is this yellow looking powder, this one is food grade

You can decide to go out and get the actual sulfur chemical, but box of matches is typically easier which is why we’re showing you that version. This is what causes the stinky-ness.

III. An Empty Container.

Something like this MIU glass water bottle would even work.

Something like this MIU glass water bottle would even work.

This is just something that is non breakable (or at the very least, doesn’t break easy) that can hold the liquid as it reacts over a few days. This MIU Water Bottle should do the trick just nicely. Make sure that you have a cap on it as well!

IV. Scissors

Trusty and clean, use to cut the matches.

Trusty and clean, use to cut the matches.

Ah yes, our trusty scissors. Make sure they’re sharp, and you don’t cut yourself. You really only need these is you are cutting off match heads, and not if you are using the actual sulfur.

Making the Ammonium Sulfide Stink Bomb

It’s pretty simple now really. You take your scissors and cut off the heads of the matches, you can use a book or more. Dump them into your handy dandy water bottle. Add your ammonia, careful not to spill. Cap it, and let it sit for a day or two as the reaction occurs turning it smelly. Uncap and pour where you want it to go!

How It Works:

The hydrogen sulfide in the matches will react with the ammonia,  causing Ammonium Sulfide to be formed. Let is sit for a few days. Use with prejudice on your enemies or friends for a prank. Enjoy your homemade sink bomb!

Caution: The fumes are highly flammable and potentially toxic, so only use with direct supervision of parents or other responsible adults. Do NOT mix with bleach. Ammonia and Bleach can react and create chlorine gas – a highly toxic gas that can kill you!

Stink Bomb Pranks

We’ll go into some stink bomb pranks in the very near future. Until then, try this out and let us know how yours turns out! We’re always interested in hearing back from our community.

10 thoughts on “How To Make A Stink Bomb

  1. David Miles

    I cannot seem to find the instructions for the sulfur powder version. Just mixing the sulfur powder and ammonia doesn’t work. Can you share how to make this version as well?

    1. HowToGetRevenge Post author

      Hi David,

      To make the sulfur powder version, you’ll want to purchase a product known as “flowers of sulfur” along with an aluminum can, wick, rubber band, & aluminum foil. You don’t need ammonia unless you are using the match sticks.


      Cut the soda can down to the bottom third. Pour in lightly the sulfur powder (give it room to breathe in the can). You’ll then want to take a piece of aluminum foil and cover the top of the cut and now filled can, and place a rubber band tightly around the closed hole. Pop in the wick from the middle of the tin foil, and push it to the bottom of the can. Light it on fire, and run!

      Sulfur is what produces the stench, so get out of there fast!

  2. Jennifer Daniels

    I looked up your website because I had a man break into my truck and rub something all over the passenger seat I use to take my son to school in. I feel so sad. I know this man he lives down the street from me. He is a bad person or maybe crazy. He is also threatening me. He says that he is going to beat me up. This man has also egged my house, thrown rocks at my front door and paintballed my front door. The police have been contacted but I only saw him throwing the rocks and using the paintball gun. They said the other things will just have to be reports. There is nothing they can do. Your website says to use the ammonia stink bomb on your enemies. I am an enemy of that man all because he thinks I stole his cat. I didn’t. I’m writing this to you because I’m under attack and I feel so alone in this. I wish there was someone who could help me. I don’t want this man to hurt my son. I am really scared. I don’t know what to do and I know there is nothing you can do. I just needed to tell someone my story because I am all alone in this. Whatever he put in my truck it smells so bad I can’t seem to stop smelling it even when I am in my house I can’t get it out of my head. I hate that my son has to ride in the seat he did this to and smell that all the way to school and back. By the way, the police said it looked like mothballs soaked in vinegar.

    1. Mel

      Hi Jennifer,

      This may sound silly but I said a prayer for you and your son about 2 weeks ago and thought I would let you know! My first instinct usually would be to hunt down this bully for you and bully him back, but I have since have developed a relationship with God our creator and no longer want to be a violent person like the rest of the world. I have found prayer really works and I have great faith that God will help you too!
      Please let me know how this issue/dilemma progresses.
      Have faith too, he knows your pain and he’ll know how to resolve this problem.
      Best wishes,


  3. Audan

    Buy this person a good looking kitten and let him know you had nothing to do with the missing of his cat. Tell him you hope he will love and cherish the new kitten. If he can’t find it in his heart to love tis kitten you will find another home. Add some kitten food also.


    I did this to my asshole boss Sheriff Landon Blundell in Prince George, BC. He is still an asshole so I will do it again next week mabye try something different. Fuck I hate this arrogant fuck.

    1. Holly Waitress

      I have the same problem with one of the daytime managers always trying to grab and molest us as we work in a friendly sort off way any suggestions his name is SKIP, AT CRAZY HORSE VEGAS.



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