Nair Shampoo Bathroom Prank Idea

Nair, the product that potentially means “no hair” – was developed to easily remove hair from the body. It does this by basically breaking the bonds in keratin, the main component of hair. This allows those who are using the product to easily wipe away the now removed hair follicles.

I wonder if we can come up with some sort of dastardly prank to use this Nair with? I’m sure many of our readers can guess where this is going. We’re calling it the No Hair Shampoo Revenge.

Nair comes in a wide range of products, but the one we are most interested in is the hair remover lotion. Caution: it can literally burn your flesh, hair, and nails off – and will smell like burning rubber. We recommend using gloves, and probably not doing this prank. With that disclaimer out of the way here’s a setup for your revenge!

The Nair “No Hair” Revenge Prank

What you’ll need to buy:

First find whatever shampoo your Mark uses. You can either purchase a new one, or just ruin the shampoo he or she currently uses. This one is good.

sauve shampoo

Next, you want to go out and buy something that looks like this:

Nair Hair Removal Lotion

Nair hair removing lotion

If you opted to buy new shampoo, remove most of its contents and place the hair removing lotion in. Put the now sabotaged package in an easily accessible area within the bathroom. Wait for your target to take a shower, and be prepared for the consequences of your actions. You’ll probably want to have an alibi, or be ready to run – taking anything valuable with you that can be smashed or destroyed. You don’t want to be in the path of this rage machine once they get out!

What’s going to happen is when they take a shower and use the shampoo, the Nair will immediately get to work attacking their hair follicles. As they are lathering their scalp, the lotion will start disintegrating their hair. They probably won’t know what’s going on. To them, the hair that is falling out will look like dirt. As they continue washing, they might start feeling a burning sensation. It is particularly devastating to use on a female, since their hair takes much longer to grow back to its initial length. And unfortunately for them, girls can be catty – which is why there’s a movie titled “Mean Girls”. This has definitely happened in dorms and sororities. Fair warning though, this attack could lead to a meltdown and potential legal repercussions, causing someone to drop out of college and shy away from life for a bit. Guys might be more pissed off at this attack, however, but they at least can rock a bald scalp for a while.

This prank product also works really well if you have a roommate or enemy who uses your shampoo without asking. they will from now on ask you something of yours, rather than just taking it.

WARNING – It is NOT meant for the head, so don’t do this prank lightly or for fun to anyone you don’t want to get back or get revenge on. They will have scabs and burn marks for the next month. Be prepared to get away at a drop of the hat if you decide to this. Likewise, do not use this product on sensitive areas such as the area between your legs. In fact, don’t do this prank. It’s for educational purposes only.

If you’re really interested, watch the video below to see what happens if you do this prank to your roommate:

The guy definitely handled it better than any of us here would have. Happy revenging!

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