Revenge Product Prank Review – Pee Puck Revenge

Not sure if you guys know what the double-decker poop payback prank is by now, but it’s were you take a dump in the upper portion of the toilet – you know the part where it helps the water release from. Well, this is a variation on that technique, but instead by making the water turn yellow for days at a time. Best part about it? You don’t even have to do the peeing yourself. You plop open the top, do a quick drop, and then forget about it – while it works it’s magic for days at a time on your unsuspecting victims. Read on for more information about this amazing revenge product review!

Introducing The Pee Puck – A Fake Pee Gag Gift. When you pick them up, they come in packs of two like seen below. Put one in at a time in 2 different toilets, use them both at once to create a darker coffee drank yellow, or use them one after another for an elongated pee toilet revenge.

This product also reminds me of another one when I was a little kid. We reached out to the creators, and they mentioned that it was their initial inspiration. My parents would put these small blue and white pucks at the top of the toilet, where it turned the water in it a dark shade of blue for days. Supposedly, this was to help “clean” the toilet, but little ol’ me and something else in mind. It was hilarious peeing into the bowl and turning water a nice shade of sickly green. Oh, the nostalgia. Anyways, back to the point – the pee puck can be used as a revenge technique because they will be confused as to why their water is always yellow! Think about it. You flush and flush, and it seems that the water still stays yellow. This technique especially works on the elderly, and those not of clear & sane mind. More power to make them more insane, if you ask us! Got a douchebag stoner roommate who never flushes? Now he’ll have the same problem every time.

I hate when my roommates don’t flush, in fact, so does one of our readers who was kind enough to submit this image:



See, he hated that his roommate didn’t flush and needed to do something about it. Well, in truth, he might have been actually using the pee puck! This can have your housemates blaming each other for not using the restroom properly, while you sit back and enjoy the hilarity that ensues. Want to get your brother in trouble? Plop one in his toilet, and let your mom find out about his forgetful ways. Whoops!

Best part? They’re cheap, and you can swoop up some from Amazon right here:

Pee Puck Revenge

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