Style Screamer Prank Review & Ideas

So we had this video forwarded over to us, and were asked what we would do with something like this. I have to admit, after watching the video below the fold, let us know your thoughts on what YOU think is a good revenge prank to do with the “Style Screamer Panic Alarm”

In the video, you’ll see an infomercial for a product known as the Style Screamer. What is this style screamer? Best guess is it is a personal alarm used to “effectively” scare off would be assaulters. Yes, the quotation marks around “effectively” were put there on purpose. For this panic alarm, it works well because most car alarms are usually ignored. I know that when I hear my neighbors go off all wee hours of the night, I want to send them a note like this:

Anyways, back to the device – 130 decibels is a pretty damn loud sounding alarm. To put that in perspective, that heavy breathing you hear from your overweight, middle-aged coworker is probably 20 decibels. An indoor conversation? Maybe 40 decibels. A Vacuum cleaner is about 70 decibels, the baseline of “annoying” loudness. Garbage disposal/Food blender/Train passing by? 80 decibels. Jack hammer or motorcycle engine? Now you’re reaching about 100 decibels. At 120 decibels, it begins to get painful. In fact, that’s similar loudness to what a chainsaw can produce. Oh, and it’s 32 times as loud as a Vacuum cleaner. Bam, now you’re at 130 Decibels. Get it? It’s LOUD.

I’m not EVEN going to mention the “style” aspect of it – but, that scream is absolutely ridiculous! Now I don’t know if it will ward off a want-to-be attacker from you, but it will certainly cause heads to turn in the direction when that little bad boy is set off. So, what use can we have of a super loud screaming device?

Prank Ideas for the Style Screamer


The first one is a twist on the bucket and door prank we call..

1) So nice of you to drop in and SCREAM prank

To set this up, first get something like this head:

and put up over the door of an unsuspecting victim like the water bucket over door prank:

image courtesy Instructables

All you do is attach the ripping-off end of the panic alarm to the wall with a thumbtack. The other end (that makes the sound), get’s stuffed in the head. When they open the door, the force of gravity will pull the pin, dropping a screaming head on your victim! Don’t forget to video tape the reaction for us!

2) The “Oh No, What Have I Done!” Scream prank

Buy one one these baby dolls or teddy bears:

Stuff the screamer in it’s clothing, or tape it to the outside of the baby/teddy bear. Dress it up as you like. We recommend wrapping it up in a cloth sheet.

In action? You can either put it on top of your car and go for a ride, or throw it out of an apartment window. The look on peoples faces.. priceless!

3) Other (simple) pranks to do

  • Attach it to your victim’s pillow. This is to hit them when they have their defenses down, trying to go to sleep – it will shock them senseless!
  • You could place the screamer onto someone’s seat at the theater. The unsuspecting mark will hopefully sit with drink and popcorn in hand, wanting just to watch a good movie that night. NOPE! Panic alarm
  • Thrown out an elevator shaft of a tall building, you’ll have maintenance workers and people in the lobby very, very confused.
  • Place it outside your target’s window, and attach it much like you would on the bucket prank. It helps if it’s a warm season, our you live in a warm place. When your nemesis open’s their window – BAM – panic should set in.

Now, If you just want to use a super loud “panic alarm” – these two might work:

130 dB Personal Rape Emergency Alarm

140dB Personal Panic or Emergency Alarm Keychain

Happy pranking! Feel free to leave us comments on your thoughts and ideas, and as always “Living well is the best revenge, for everything else there’s How To: Revenge”

One thought on “Style Screamer Prank Review & Ideas

  1. Dr. Codee

    That infomercial was surprisingly good for such a novelty item. It would be really funny to attach this to fishing line and run it in a university library during finals week.


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