You Park Like An Asshole – Revenge On Parking Lot Douchebags

I’m sure we’ve all seen those people who take up 2 or more spaces with their “special car”. Have you ever wondered what you can do to get back at them? We’ve pulled together a few simple yet effective revenge pranks to pull below, so you can get your sweet vindicated justice on those annoying assholes.

For a passive aggressive way to get revenge:

there are these You Suck At Parking Business Cards
you can put on their windsheild:

Mickey Mouse Douche Parking Revenge

You Park Like An Asshole

Thanks for parking so close asshole

Seriously, you suck at parking business cards

If you want to give them a little scare, sometimes giving them one of these Fake Parking Tickets
helps too:

Or hell, add bird feed on top of their car with some sort of laxative. Watch as the birds explode to make an amazing art piece like on top of this car:

Bird shit on a car revenge prank

Short of slashing their tires, putting cans and bottles with nails in them, clogging their tailpipe with a potato – these are relatively harmless pranks that work effectively well in getting your revenge. You will feel relieved after the petty payback, but trust me – it will be worth it. What we fail to understand is how people are driving a huge ton of metal filled with an explosive gasoline, and drive like maniacs? Not to mention park like douchebags on top of it! So, with that in mind and the aforementioned techniques, make sure that you let them know that their park job is unacceptable in our society.

Lastly, you can watch what this guy did. We think it’s hilarious and what he gets for parking in a handicap spot.

Don’t forget to send us your pranks on what to do to a douchebag owner’s vehicle, and their nasty parking habits.

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