A Bowl of Worms for Fun Revenge

Thanks to one of our users, we got a great prank product to share with you all today. Growing up in elementary school, we all here at “How To Revenge” used to sing a song that went something like this, “No body likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms. Short fat juicy ones, itty bitty tiny ones..” That’s pretty much all we remember – but the point, is – (no not everybody hates us, we don’t think) – that this little post is to bring back this great song and memories for us, as well as to give you a great prank to pull on a nemesis. With that being said, we bring this little recipe to you!

Introducing, “Jello Worms”!

Pouring the mixture into the straws, and the finished product on the side

These things look creepy crawly, and are actually edible – unlike those old microwave cookers of plastic that we used to have when we were little that burnt our fingers and almost killed us – but that’s another story. It’s great to make the night before Halloween for your parties, and to put in the bowl of candy that you give little kids. Maybe send them in a package to an enemy or throw them in their car for revenge? The choices are Endless! Now, onto the recipe!!



1) Before doing anything else, let’s set up the holding vessel for storing your worm capsules. You can either go the hard route and melt the bottoms of the straws to enclose them, or use simple physics to keep the gelatin inside by filling up the rest with liquid. Next place the straws together in that holding container, and put a few rubber bands around them to hold them into place.

Got that? Okay, on to the next step.

2) Now, to create the edible goodiness (or ewwi-ness as my little cousin likes to say as we made them), mix the Jello mixture with the gelatin, and add the hot boiling water. Mix it well, and let it cool to a lukewarm temperature. For those of you unsure, when you feel the mixing container it should be slightly warm to the touch.

3) Okay, is it lukewarm yet? Good. Add the food coloring into the mix. Give it a little stir. Now, onto the potentially messy part.

4) Pouring the mixture into the holding vessel and straws IS messy, so have someone assist you with the funnel to make it into the holding container. Okay, is all the mix in yet? Good.. on to the longest step & most difficult step!

5) Set them worms, straws, & holding vessel into a nice cool place to set. We suggest using a refrigerator to make that wait less, and out of sight out of mind.


6) Now, to get the worms out – First take the straws out of your container, wiping off any attached Jello on the bottom. You can either A) warm up the straws under warm water, B) use a bike pump, your lips and lungs, or an empty syringe (sans needle, unless you are TRYING to give someone HIV) to blow them out,  C) Use a rolling pin (the kind you use to roll out dough) to squeeze them out, or D) a combination of one of the previous 3 methods. We found that warming them up and blowing through the straws releases them pretty easily, albeit with a light headed feeling after quite a few.


As we tried to tell you earlier, Halloween is a great holiday to have some harmless revenge, but if you really want to get back at an enemy, try mixing them served in vanilla ice cream and crushed up oreo bits. Hey, we have to have a little fun here, right? Lastly, you could always use a clear liquid over that water, such as Vodka for an adult treat!

Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any prank suggestions and thoughts! We look forward to hearing from you.

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