Revenge Product Prank Review – Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass Review

We’d like to introduce the Revenge Nation to something deadly good. This right here is the fart spray to destroy all the other fart sprays out there – when we reviewed Liquid Ass our office had to be evacuated for the rest of the day. We did NOT realize that it was this powerful. If you want to learn how to clear out a room, read on and put the product to the test!

Liquid ass is probably the most vile fart sprays ever created. We spoke with the owners & developers, and while they wouldn’t tell us where they make it or how, we believe it must be created in a toxic wasteground with a few septic tanks thrown in for good measure, added in a few rotting carcasses of duck billed platapusses to top it off, then finally a heaping bag full of some 10 year old gym socks that have been festering and growing slimy mold for that many years under the bed of a hoarder. Now with that picture in your mind, this is even MORE foul smelling! Spray a few drops and squirts, and Liquid Ass will clear a room. We’ve even heard stories of people throwing up a little in their mouth from the smell. Yes, it IS that bad. And no, you won’t be disappointed with it.

What is awesome about liquid ass is that there are two different types of spray tips given to you to choose from. You can either opt for the “ass mister” or the “streaming tip” – and both are equally as effective spreading the nasal offending odors and smells of this fantastic revenge product. The Ass Mister is a spray, allowing you to cover more surface area with fine misty droplets of nose tantalizing stank. Or, you can go the Streaming Tip route, and be able to drench a certain area with gut wrenching foulness that lasts for a long time. The choice ultimately is yours, but we prefer the Ass Mister only because the spray is super effective in punching out the meanest power punch. One spray is usually enough, but it’s the perfect tactic to spread along a whole day worth of pungent destruction upon your enemies.

Check out this video:

The action starts at 0:59.

You can pick up your very own here, in several different varieties to suit your needs:

Also, try and add it with this to make realistic set that doesn’t really have to gross you out:

Rain down your vengence upon your exboyfriend, girlfriend or boss. There are single bottles, for that covert operation, or if you prefer – buy the 6 pack to stock up on the disgusting. Used sparingly, a bottle is more than enough if you ask us. This is best placed in closed environments: things like elevators, office rooms, school classrooms, cars, and more. We’re sure you can come up with some awesome pranks as well. We look forward to seeing your tactics!

We would love to hear and see what our Revenge Readers are doing with their liquid ass. Pick some up today from here and let us know what you’re doing with them!

5 thoughts on “Revenge Product Prank Review – Liquid Ass

  1. jeff

    My Liquid Ass arrived today. I smelled the contents and while it did have a scent of feces it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. It’s potent enough to clear a room but it’s also very overpriced. I remembered smelling this EXACT scent elsewhere and I’m going to tell you how you can make your own identical scent. It was in the water found in the bottom of a garbage can that contained old chicken. Simply throw some leftover KFC or something into a pail of water and leave it. You’ve smelled the same thing when emptying garbage pails around the house to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in them. Why spend $10 on a small bottle – make your own.

  2. Mike

    Haha, I love this stuff. It does smell similar to what jeff describes, but I think that it’s more sanitary getting this bottle than makeing our ouwn with KFC and stuff.

  3. Kate

    Instead of buying a 15$ worth of spray make your own bad smells . Here’s how:
    1:pint of urine
    2:2 tablespoons of salt
    3: 3 black peppercorns
    4: 3 teaspoon of garlic powder
    5: 1 pint of spring water.
    Let this mix sit for a couple of weeks until it evaporates some, this will make it potent. Once
    It’s strong enough do what you gotta do, nasty neighbor ? Pour this on the steps of their house
    And watch the magic happen! I think that’s the cheaper route to go no chicken bones needed . Or you can do the ole shit in a bag on fire trick. I like that one too:)
    Happy terrorizing the nasty neighbors!!

    1. Elif

      Step 1) Get onto someone’s cotemupr when they’re not around and screen-capture their desktop.Step 2) Save this image onto their cotemupr somewhere they won’t find it, then set this image as their desktop background.Step 3) They won’t notice the difference at first, because everything will look like it did before. That is, until they start trying to move icons around on their desktop and find that there’s a non-movable image stuck beneath it (part of the background), that can’t be altered or deleted no matter how much they try. Watch their head explode as they try to figure out what the hell’s wrong with their cotemupr.I did this to my sister and my Dad was on the phone to the cotemupr company for hours. In the end he just threw it out. lolxx

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