Get Revenge

We’re going to be building out a list of products to try out here real soon!

8 thoughts on “Get Revenge

  1. Jessica

    This guy has been sexually and emotionally assaulting one of my younger friends. If you could, could you please send him some shitty stuff? Maybe a giant dildo or something, I don’t know. He’s shitty and an asshole and apparently needs proof that someone cares about my friend. His address is {REDACTED}

  2. Dick

    Replace shampoo with Elmer’s school glue. Either the white or clear. Thin it out with just a bit of water and it works like a charm. I got my girlfriend with it a few days ago and she is still furious.

  3. Jesse

    I really want some crying strawberries so if you can please send some to me my email is [censored] that’s how you get a hold of me so please get some for me and then contact me

    1. vanessa swayze

      How this guy got me pregnant with twins beat me and I had to go to the hospital I gave his mom my ultrasound and he said he never got it and his mom hates me and the hospital will not give me another one


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